Winter activities in Cherrapunji

Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji is located on a clifftop estate, tucked away in the quaint village of Nohsithiang. Lush green hills, tranquil skies and the gurgling of waterfalls nearby are sure to make your experience surreal. Located in one of India’s greener states with abundant rainfall, Polo Orchid Resort mesmerizes and leaves you rejuvenated with the variety of experiences it has to offer.

Bird watching

Located amidst nature’s divine beauty you are sure to be captivated by the wildlife around. Be it birds or other animals, the diversity is unparalleled. Explore the flying wonders of nature in all their glory. You could spot a Hill Mynah, one the rarest birds, flying between or perched upon tall trees. Other species of interest include Black Breasted Parrot Bill, Black Storks and Asian Open Bills.


Biking around a picturesque landscape in the foothills of the Seven Sisters is a breath-taking sight to behold! Few showers and a cool breeze swishing past your ears make for a perfect ride! The undulating terrains are perfect for pro-bikers who crave the thrill and a surge of adrenaline.


Trekking amongst cloud cloaked mountains is one experience you would not want to miss out on. Through winding paths, lush green grass and gurgling waterfalls, it will be a walk to remember.

Picnic by the waterfall

An ideal activity for families and groups of friends to bond over plenty of talks and laughs. Enjoy the weather and panoramic view over appetizing meals and delicious beverages.


A great activity to try out your skill at shooting arrows with a bow. Whether you try it in a competitive spirit or just for relaxation, it is sure to hit the mark of delight. But wait, your aim might just waver due to the welcoming distraction of the scenery around!

Feel the very essence of Meghalaya as you experience the local culture and their ways of living. A fantastic example of Mother Nature’s hardwork are beautifully moulded caves. That is not all, the mammoth Living Root Bridge, a suspension bridge formed of living plant roots by tree shaping, is sure to amaze you with its grandeur. With so much around, you are sure of stepping into a fairytale living.

Experience the unexperienced. Explore the unexplored with us.

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