Laitlum Canyon - A Picturesque Destination in Shillong

One hour away from Woodstock Resort, near the charming little village of Smit on the outskirts of Shillong, lies a sight for sore eyes. Visit the picturesque Laitlum Canyon, Shillong on your next visit to the quaint hill station and witness what beauty nature is capable of if left untouched for millions of years. The location is ideal for trekkers who are looking to tighten their shoelaces and explore the meandering paths. Beginners are advised not to undertake the journey during monsoon as the trail gets slippery and dangerous. Visit during the winter months, or early summer for the best climbing experience and views.

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Laitlum view point has stunning sights to offer, but only for those willing to put in the effort to climb up its treacherous paths. And what a view it proffers! In the local Khasi language, Laitlum translates to "end of hills" or "end of the road". This scenic destination does justice to its name as it is located far away from the usual commercial tourist spots and allures visitors who come to Meghalaya. This is an unsung beauty that only those explorers who like to stray away from the well-worn pathways will consider visiting. Visitors are highly recommended to bring their cameras because there are spectacular sights to capture and reminisce over at Meghalaya's natural amphitheater.

The entry charges are minimal. The effort required to get to the top is substantial, but the reward for all those sacrifices is unforgettable. The location offers innumerable shades of brown and green as far as the eye can see, little rivulets of crystal-clear water running through, and the sounds of the forest echoing all around you.


Explorers can witness both sunrise and sunset at Laitlum, Shillong depending on convenience. A visit early in the day or in the evening is preferable as the entire area tends to be covered with a layer of thick fog during midday. You could even bring your whole family for a picnic at the summit and make a day out of it. It certainly beats the view you get from going to a regular park. Don't be discouraged by the prospect of a long drive to and from the location, you will not be disappointed by it as it bestows travelers with ethereal views. After all, it's the roads less traveled that lead to the best Instagram pictures, like somebody wise once said!


Consider visiting this spellbinding venue during your next stay at Woodstock Resort in the Scotland of the East, and take back a plethora of memories and pictures to show off.

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