Gateway to Meghalaya's Tura District

Tura district, situated in Meghalaya, India, serves as the administrative hub of the West Garo Hills district. Nestled amidst picturesque hills at an altitude of approximately 3500 feet, this quaint town boasts a unique fusion of heritage, local customs, and modern conveniences. While often overshadowed by the more renowned Shillong, Tura presents an authentic and tranquil retreat away from bustling crowds. Whether you're a business traveler in search of comfortable accommodations or a tourist yearning for an unconventional escapade, Tura caters to diverse preferences. Its economy thrives on agriculture, tourism, and governmental activities, showcasing the town's multifaceted appeal. Let's explore further into the intricacies of the Tura district and uncover the evolving allure of this hidden treasure.

Medical Tourism

Tura is abuzz with various upcoming initiatives geared towards improving the quality of life for both locals and tourists. One notable project is the construction of Tura Medical College in Doldegre, approximately 7 km away from the town center. Scheduled for completion by June or July of the following year, the college aims to augment the bed capacity offered by Tura Civil Hospital. This development is anticipated to elevate healthcare services in the area, potentially drawing interest from medical tourists.

Doctors in an operation theatre
Athlete running on a track field

A Youth Convention Centre

The construction of the youth convention centre and a track and field stadium are a few examples of the city's commitment to progress. These projects are expected to be completed within the next 1.5 years, and they will undoubtedly attract even more visitors. The Tura Youth Convention Centre will likely provide a venue for conventions and events, and the Track and Field Stadium will attract sports tourism. The government of Meghalaya is investing in infrastructure development to attract more tourists to Tura, such as the construction of a new airport.

Sign of Importance

The recent inauguration of the second Raj Bhavan in the Tura district is a significant milestone for the city. This architectural marvel of Tura's skyline is a symbol of progress and recognition. The establishment of such prestigious institutions signifies Tura's growing importance on the regional stage and its commitment to governance and administration. and development of the Garo Hills region.

Symbol of progress shown via hike in graph

Tura's Natural Beauty

Tura offers something to captivate everyone, regardless of their interests - adventure seekers, nature lovers, or history buffs. Take a hike to the spectacular Tura Peak for breathtaking panoramic views, or just relax in the lush embrace of Nokrek National Park, which is home to a variety of flora and animals. Discover the historic Siju limestone caverns, one of Meghalaya's natural beauties. Explore the calm village of Chandigre and shop for souvenirs to bring back home at the neighborhood markets! Be sure to enjoy traditional Meghalayan dishes like Jadoh and Doh-Neiiong. Tura City has several local restaurants that provide traditional dishes for you to savor the flavours of the area.

As Tura City unfolds its layers of development, cultural richness, and upcoming projects, it beckons travellers seeking a unique blend of tradition and progress. With comfortable rooms and umpteen amenities for a leisure seeker and a meeting room for business travellers, Hotel Polo Orchid, Tura (3 Star) harbours guests of all kinds!