Things to Do in Shillong

River Rafting

Enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush, with river rafting in the Badapani Lake.
For the more adventurous one, Ranikhor has the rapids to set your heart racing. River rafting is becoming a popular adventure tourism activity in India. The thrill and excitement of gliding through the river water offers an exhilarating and heart-thumping experience.


Boating in the tranquil waters of the lake is best to soothe and calm your mind. Boating as a leisurely activity is great for enjoying your vacation. Shillong and Cherrapunjee offer a lot of boating options, one of them being boating at Umiam Lake. Take in the breathtaking beauty of nature in all its glory during your trip to Umiam Lake.


With scenic beauty everywhere you go in Meghalaya, wear your favourite trekking shoes and explore the land with various trekking trails. Trekking and hiking gives you a chance to immerse in the beauty of nature to the fullest.

Dining recommendations

Shillong's first and only tribute cafe pays homage to the legendary Bob Dylan. With quirky interiors and a bright balcony, this is the perfect city-center haunt to unwind and soak in the musical vibe of Shillong.

Places to See in Shillong

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls is one of the most popular water falls of the North east, this waterfall got its name from the Elephant like stone at its foot. The name was given by the British people of what the local Khasi people once referred to as Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew (or "Three Step Waterfall"). The waterfall comes down in three successions and is a treat to the eyes. The water resembles white milk and gushes down cutting through the rocks.

Bada Pani

Umium Lake is fondly called as Badapani by the locals and was created by constructing a dam on the Umium river in the early 1960's. Badapani Lake is a reservoir located in the hills 15 kilometres to the North of Shillong in the state of Meghalaya and the lake and dam is spread over 220 square kilometres. Lush green mountains beautifully complements the blue water of the Badapani and the place is a photographer's delight.

Shillong Peak

The Shillong Peak is the highest point of the region and provides a breathtaking bird's eye view of the city. At the height of 6449 ft and 1965 metres above sea level one can get a panoramic view of the Himalayas, waterfalls as well as the Bangladesh plains. One can trek to this highest point while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the area. 

Butterfly Museum

If you want to enjoy a plethora of natural colours, then a visit to the Butterfly Museum is a must. The museum houses a wide range of butterflies, spiders, moths and beetles species from all across the country. Enjoy wonderful colours of the butterflies while you visit this place. Owned and managed by Wankhar this privately owned museum is a treat for those who are visiting Shillong for the first time.

Police Bazaar

If you are visiting Shillong and want to buy some souvenirs for your near and dear ones, then a visit to the Police Bazaar is a must. There are a variety of shops here where you can purchase both traditional Meghalaya items or modern gifts for your friends and family.  

Ward's Lake

Ward's Lake or Pollock's Lake is an artificial lake established in 1894. The water body with lush greenery is a nature lover's paradise. One can get picture perfect photos of the lake and the beautiful rare orchids. You can also enjoy a quaint boating experience in the lake and feel rejuvenated.

David Scott Trail

David Scott Trail is a picturesque trekking path, where you experience nature at its very best. This is a four hour trekking path and you can enjoy mesmerizing views of the East Khasi Hills. You will get to witness beautiful waterfalls, streams, Khasi Villages and extensive meadows while trekking.

Don Bosco Cathedral

The Don Bosco Cathedral is a spectacular example of Gothic architecture. One of the oldest churches in Shillong, you will feel intrinsically connected to the age old history that this church offers during your visit to Shillong. 



Mawlynnong Village has earned the distinction of being the cleanest village in India. It is situated 90 kms from Shillong and besides the picturesque village, offers many interesting sights such as the living root bridge and another strange natural phenomenon of a boulder balancing on another rock


Living Root Bridges are built especially using the secondary root systems that grow higher up on the trunk. To prevent these roots from flaring out on all directions and guiding them the right way, hollowed out betel nut trunks are used. Once the roots extend over to the other side of the river, they are allowed to take root. A good sturdy bridge may take anywhere from 10 to 15 years to be completely built and can easily carry the weight of more than 50 people. Since the roots continue to grow, over time this living bridge continues to strengthen as well. Some bridges in this area are more than 500 years old. A special mention goes to the "Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge", which are two bridges stacked up on each other - one of its kind in the whole world, for sure.


Known for being one of the tallest waterfalls the Seven Sisters Falls or the Nohsngithiang Falls consists of seven different streams, one of them falling from a height of 250 m.


Located at a distance of 5 km from Cherrapunji, they act as perfect picnic spots, furnishing a pleasant drive full with scenic beauty to look around for, in order to reach here. Rangjyrthej is a village that lies near these falls that is worth a visit. There is an interesting legend associated with the falls. It is believed that people killed a huge snake living in the caves nearby this place and the natural rock carving made by the snake can still be seen.


Established by Meghalaya Government. It offers a breathtaking view of Sylhet Plains of neighbouring Bangladesh. You will find several varieties of hybrid and indigenous orchids in the greenhouse in the park.

ARWAH CAVE - 8 kms

The Arwah Lumshynna tourist hub will enable the tourists to have a glimpse of the scenic beauty, cascading waterfalls, ancient rocks similar to the grand Canyons, precipices, caves and recreation parks for Children.


There is a special performance known as Shad Suk Mynsiem or 'Dance of the Joyous Heart' organized here during the month of April which one should try not to miss. It was established in 1939.


These waterfalls lie at a distance of 5 km from Cherrapunji. They are very popular as they have earned the title of being fourth highest waterfall in the world with a height of 1100 ft. The view these waterfalls falling off a steep cliff is majestic especially during the monsoons.


It lies at a distance of 12 km from Cherrapunji. This park is directly under the control of the State forest department. This park overlooks the plains of Bangladesh, and provides a beautiful view of them. There is a nominal entry fee too.


If you move a few kilometres ahead from Thangkharang Park, you will spot an enormous stone resembling a Khasi basket. Local people of Cherrapunji believe that a giant used to carry this huge stone and hence its name, Khoh Ramhah or the Basket of the Giant.


These waterfalls can be seen from the Thangkharang Park, as they are placed at an altitude of 1000 feet.