Shillong Resort Experiences

Hotel Polo Towers, Shillong, we offer you a host of unique and customized experiences to make your stay a memorable one! 
If you are looking for an experience like never before, this is the perfect destination for you. 


One of those beautiful evenings at our rooftop cafe , a place perfect for your dates filled with unlimited chat & laughter, accompanied with good food & drinks from our curated menu.

Just for Rs 4999 only


A green hill overlooks the clouds

At Hotel Polo Towers, Shillong, guests can immerse themselves in various experiences reflecting local culture and festivities. Some of these include participating in local festivals, exploring indigenous cuisines, enjoying shopping & experiencing the nightlife. Guests can also participate in The Shillong Heritage Walk & can attend events like The Meghalayan Age and the Shillong Autumn Festival, along with a Hills Festival.