What makes Kolkata an amazing travel destination?

Kolkata is called the City of Joy for many reasons. Replete with heritage, history, nostalgia and love at every corner, this city is one-of-a-kind. Anyone who has travelled the world will agree that Kolkata is one of the very few cities that is modern yet has an old world charm to it. The old-school vibes can be felt in many markets, streets and recreational areas.
If you have been contemplating touring the city for a while, here are a few pointers that will solidify your decision.

  • Cosmopolitan nature
The finest example of a modern cosmopolitan city where all walks of people of varied religion, caste and creed co-exist peacefully. All festivals are celebrated with equal fervour. Many diverse communities like Anglo-Indians, Jewish, Armenians, Parsees, Chinese have made the city their own home.
  • Street food
Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta, offers many varieties of street food. Be it Dover Lane, Zakaria Street, Park Street, China Town, BBD Bag or Lord’s More, every corner is dotted with jhalmuri, puchka, momo, kathi roll, chaat and many other kinds of food stalls.
  • Sweets
Bengal is known for its unique sweets. Kolkata, being the capital, undoubtedly tops the sweets chart. All kinds of sweets from Roshogolla, Laddu, Sandesh, Jilipi, Pantua are readily available in the city.
  • Varied market places
The city has all kinds of markets, besides the generic ones. The city’s oldest and largest pet market at Galiff Street, Asia’s largest flower market at Mallik Ghat, and world’s largest book market at College Street, make Kolkata a vibrant place to explore.
  • Architectural places to visit
Owing to its rich cultural heritage, Kolkata has many exceptional places of architectural and historical importance to visit like Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, National Library, Birla Planetarium and more.

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