Street Food in Kolkata: A Culture Trip

Is a trip to Kolkata even complete if you haven’t had a taste of its street food? From decadent rasgulla and mishti doi to phuckas and chow-chow, Kolkata’s street food has it all. It is not just to satiate the hunger pangs and cravings - the famous street food in Kolkata is more of a culture trip, a peep into the city’s vibrant history. The Mughals gave Bengal nuts, dried fruits and sweet spices. The British colonial rule of almost 200 years gave Kolkata its chops and cutlets, several meat dishes as well as many confectionaries and bakeries. The hakka Chinese trades of the 1700s gave birth to the famous Indo-Chinese food. This, coupled with Bengal’s own rich food culture made the city a melting pot of cultures and cuisines from around the world..

Street food in Kolkata has continually been rated as the best in India. Here are some of the best street foods in Kolkata that you must try:

Kathi Roll

Enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, kathi-roll stalls can be seen all around Kolkata. Available in different varieties - from chicken kathi roll and chicken cheese kathi roll to vegetarian kathi roll and egg kathi roll, this unique Indian frankie is Kolkata’s own creation, and a must try street food in Kolkata.

three rolls wrapped and kept on a table - polo floatel kolkata
a pile of phuchkas - polo floatel kolkata


Kolkata’s answer to gol-gappa, the ‘phuchka’ is certainly the king of Kolkata’s street food. These are deep fried flour breads with a filling of spicy potatoes, a variety of chutneys and tamarind sauce. Do try out this Kolkata street food delicacy the next time you visit the city.


Kolkata is famous for its cutlets. Found in variations of chicken, fish, prawn, vegetable, and mutton, these make for great evening snacks as well as dinner.

a plate of potato chaps - polo floatel kolkata
a plate of jhalmuri - polo floatel kolkata

Jhal Muri


If you look around any street in Kolkata, you would find a vendor selling jhal-muri. This amazing street snack is made by mixing puffed-rice with mustard oil, fresh tomatoes, onions, chillies and an array of spices.


How can you complete a Kolkata street food tour without savouring a plate of the beloved chow-mein? Wok Fried to perfection, this fiery plate of Indo-Chinese noodles will surely satiate your taste buds.

a plate of chowmein - polo floatel kolkata

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