Dishes from the Khasi Cuisine You Must Try

While the tangy taste of Kadai Paneer, the healthy & tasty Dal Makhani, the world-famous butter chicken, or even the Dosas and Idlis from the Indian cuisine make it to your mind when you think of Indian food, very little is known to the outside world of the appetizing cuisine of Khasi from Meghalaya. Rooted in the cultures and practices of Khasi, Garo and Jaintia tribes, these Khasi foods allow us to peek into the distinct gastronomic preferences of the locals.

Rice and pork make the most of the Khasi cuisine, but you also get to dip your hands in a variety of other foods. Vegetarian dishes find very little space in the everyday grubs of Meghalayans. A trip to the northeast will tell you that India has a lot more to offer than what we usually think of. The cuisine is an inexhaustive list of ambrosiac delectable that is sure to leave you wanting more. Here, we present a select list of dishes from Khasi cuisine that we think are unmissable when you visit Meghalaya.

Jadoh -rice-based-khasi-delicacy

1. Jadoh

Pulao and Biriyani take a backseat in Meghalaya, where Jadoh is considered the king of Khasi dishes. Made primarily with rice and pork, this delicious treat finds itself as a regular dish in the diet of the people here. A generous serving of succulent meat and rice along with aromatic vegetables and spices like green chillies, onions, ginger, turmeric, black pepper and bay leaves makes a good Jadoh. This slow-cooked delicacy is oft-served along with fish and eggs.

Dohkileh Khasi Cuisine

2. Dohkileh

Elementally a pork salad, Dohkileh is a versatile preparation with different variants according to the hands that prepared it. The diced pig brain is cooked into a curry and is consumed with flatbreads. The dish can be anywhere from a simple salad with basic vegetables and spices to a flavourful mix of lettuce leaves, beans, tomatoes, scallions, and lemon, stimulated by onions, green chillies, and ginger along with other seasonings.


3. Pumaloi

Rice maketh most of the Khasi dishes, and Pumaloi follows the suit. Pumaloi means powdered rice. It is a Khasi traditional food that is cooked in a special pot called Khiew Ranei with the right amount of water, along with raw grated coconut. This steamed delicious rice cake can be had anytime - breakfast, lunch and dinner which is why it finds an essential spot in the cuisine of Meghalaya.


4. Pukhlein

Pukhlein is yet another delicacy prepared with powdered rice. But it is a dessert preparation more than a dish. Resembling the South Indian snacks of Athirasam from Tamil Nadu and Nei Appam from Kerala, Pukhlein is made with powdered rice and jaggery and is served to cap off a sumptuous meal. Make sure to treat yourself to these delicacies while you visit Meghalaya.

Bamboo Shoots

5. Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo Shoot forms a delectable part of Khasi cuisine. It can be had along with vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings like vegetables, mushrooms, chicken and pork. It is a stir fry of any of the above ingredients, with bamboo shoots added before spices and onions. It makes a delicious choice for people who want to gorge on some simple delicacies from Khasi cuisine.

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