Kolkata Cuisine - Best Traditional Dishes

There is more to Kolkata than ‘Sondesh’ and ‘Roshogulla’. The city’s diverse food history is quite evident from its traditional cuisine that features nuances from cultural influences of the British, Parsis and Mughals. With wholesome desserts, hearty meaty dishes and delicious seafood, Kolkata has something for everyone out there!

Here are some of the most Kolkata famous dishes that you can try out on your next visit to the city:

Macher Jhol

Fish is an integral part of Bengali cuisine. Kolkata offers a wide variety of fish preparations, the most popular one being Macher Jhol, or fish curry. It is a traditional, spicy curry cooked along with vegetables, such as potatoes and tomatoes, and seasoned with onions, garlic and ginger. It is served alongside white rice, which makes for a delicious meal loved by both locals and tourists.

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flatbread and a side dish


Shukto is one of the most popular Kolkata dishes for vegetarians. It is cooked with a variety of vegetables like bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin and potatoes. The dish is typically served with flatbread and rice. It tastes partly sweet and partly bitter and suits all palates.

Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto is a delectable Kolkata traditional food that is served as a side dish. It is a spicy potato dish, cooked in mustard oil and seasoned with poppy seeds and green chillies to bring out its aroma. The dish has a rich, nutty flavour and is served alongside hot flatbreads and rice, and other curries!

a potato dish
a fiery red curry

Kosha Mangsho

Kosha Mangsho is another famous Bengali meat delicacy, which is prepared with a wide range of vegetables like tomatoes and onion. It is a spicy mutton curry seasoned with authentic spices, giving it a unique flavour and a rich brown colour. Kosha Mangsho is one of the must-try dishes in Kolkata for all the non-vegetarians out there!

Mochar Ghonto

Considered a unique dish, Mochar Ghonto is a must-try in Kolkata. It is cooked with grated coconut and banana flower, and served with rice. The banana flower is carefully cleaned and then cooked in a pressure cooker along with authentic spices to get the delicious flavours oozing!

rice and assorted side dishes
a plates of luchis 2


Luchi is a classic Bengali flatbread, which is prepared with maida flour. It resembles the famous North Indian bhatura or Puri. Luchi is served alongside Aloo Posto, Kosha Mangsho or any other rich Bengali curry!

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi translates to sweet curd or yoghurt, which is carefully fermented to get its unique taste out. It is one of the most popular sweet delicacies in Kolkata, which is loved by both tourists and locals. Over the last decade, this delicacy has become widely popular and is now available in packages as well.

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