Wedding Extravaganza at Floatel Kolkata

Indian wedding celebrations can last anywhere from 3–4 days up to a week. No matter how much one prepares, the enthusiasm never wanes! The coming together of many families and cultures to honour the soulful union of two people is what really adds to the grandeur.

India is a diverse country where individuals from various regions adhere to various customs and cultures. Each wedding showcases a completely distinct culture in terms of rituals and traditions. If you get to attend a wedding that is happening between two different cultures, it’s a bonus! Overall, attending an Indian wedding will allow you to experience the warmest hospitality as well as a sizable representation of the country's culture.

The numerous rituals in Indian weddings are what makes them very unique. There are a plethora of fascinating and distinctive ceremonies and traditions that you are likely to thoroughly appreciate during an Indian wedding, from applying turmeric on the bride and groom's faces to the bride's sister hiding the groom's shoes.

An unsurpassed gastronomic experience awaits all the guests at an Indian wedding. To pamper their guests, the hosts make the greatest foods from the region, in addition to some of India's most well-known cuisines. It is also one of those things that Indian wedding guests often talk about afterwards. The menus usually range from savoury appetisers, through to a main course that includes at least 50 different dishes, followed by a round of sweets that will also be rather numerous. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that an Indian wedding is essentially a food tour.

The lengthy ceremonies at Indian weddings are part of their allure. Although the final three days of the wedding are probably the most thrilling, the rituals that take place before these have their own appeal because they serve as mini-celebrations that keep everyone happy. The time that families and friends get to spend together during this pre-wedding period is considered to be the best aspect of weddings. The extended length of the festivities allows loved ones to reconnect and make memories for a lifetime.

At Polo Floatel, we value preserving this zeal and vigour. An event to enjoy is a wedding by the Ganges. Floatel knows the responsibility that comes with the role of hosting and organising an occasion as great as an Indian wedding and lives up to it fully, whether it be for local weddings or destination weddings in India. The elegant feasts at Floatel simply enhance the serenity of the exquisite confluence.

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