Mountains, rivers and valleys are not the only things that beautify Meghalaya. historical places adorn this abode of clouds as well. The name Meghalaya stands tall compared to all other hill stations across the country. Humbly nicknamed Scotland of the East by the British, this place has much to offer apart from its breathtaking views and pleasant climate. One of the seven sister states of India, Meghalaya truly is a majestic place with friendly localities.

Cherrapunji, also known as the wettest place on earth, gets rainfall throughout the year, going as high as 470” on average in some areas. The state is home to some magnificent attractions, both man-made and natural wonders.

Historical Monuments of Meghalaya

David Scott’s Monument

David Scott was born in Scotland in 1786 and worked as an agent to the Governor General of the Northeast frontier during the British period. This monument was erected as a homage to his discovery of a mule route from Assam to Bangladesh for trade. The obelisk is made of ashlar stone and has inscriptions to commemorate him.

view of green valleys 1
a view of a bridge

Living Root Bridges

Truly one of the best historical monuments in Meghalaya, the natural bridges will leave you awe-struck! These bridge, which run over small river streams, are made of tree roots of living rubber trees. The living root bridges are found across the southern part of the Meghalayan state. No one knows who initially started the process of making the bridges with roots, but according to a Khasi myth, the tree roots connect heaven and earth.

Khasi Heritage Village

Created in admiration of the Khasi Tribe and spread across 8 acres of land, the Khasi heritage village showcases Khasi-styled houses. The village exhibits the lifestyle, tradition and culture of the Khasi tribe. As you go deeper into the village, you will come across a museum that houses weapons, tools and artefacts of the past years. It is open for display to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

view of a village with huts
a cluster of rocks

Megalithic Bridges

Local legend says massive megalithic bridges were built in the medieval period under the command of Jaintia Kings and supported by stone pillars. These bridges were known to help armies and traders cross rivers. The most notable megalithic bridges in the state are the Um-Nyankanah, Um-Kumbeh and Thul-Um-Wi.

Kiang Nongbah Monument

Located near the Myntdu River, Kiang Nongbah Monument is a structure dedicated to the Jaintia King U Kiang Nangbah. He was a true patriot martyred while trying to free his land from the British. The view from the location is absolutely stunning, which forces you to click pictures.

view of a hill with passing clouds

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