The Unique Culture & Heritage of Tripura

Tripura, a beautiful state located in the North-Eastern region of the country, is a culturally rich place. Known for its hilly terrain and tribal populace, the state is a masterpiece of nature’s creation.

Diverse ethnic groups have made Tripura their home. There are as many as 19 tribes living here, most of which have Tibetan-Burmese roots. Many again are said to be descendants of the Mahabharata’s Lunar Dynasty. Historically, Tripura has been mentioned in many ancient texts. The chronicles of Tripura can be found in Rajmala that dates back to the 15th century. In British India, it was a princely state.

With so much history attached to the region, Tripura is a melting pot of many cultures and religions. Ethno-linguistic groups like Tripuris, Munda, Kuki, Santhal, Murasing, Lushai, Oraon, Noatia, Reang, Garo, Chakma and many more, add to the cultural richness. Each group, with their intrinsic music, dance, arts, cuisine & customs, make Tripura a vibrant place to be at and for vacationing. Bengali culture and language are predominantly practised here.

Any festival or social gathering is incomplete with a hefty dose of music and dance. Musical instruments like Sumui, Sarinda, Chongpreng are played at weddings and other social events. People of all religions live in harmony together. Various kinds of dances add to the joys of harvest festivals. Jhum, Hai-hak, Sumani, Masak, Sangrai, Bizhu are some of Tripura’s indigenous dance forms.

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