Best Food in Shillong

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, cradled in the verdant northeast of India, boasts rolling hills, lush forests, gushing waterfalls and a delightful culinary culture. The city offers an array of cuisines, from traditional Khasi dishes to North Indian and international flavours. Join us as we explore the best Shillong food and drinks that you absolutely have to try during your visit to this breathtaking city.

Jadoh: This Khasi speciality combines rice, pork and spices, resulting in a hearty and flavorful dish typically reserved for special occasions.

Tungrymbai: A delightful soybean-fermented dish famous among the local Khasi tribes. The production extends to a good 3-4 days for the fermentation to complete and add necessary flavours.

Momos: They're basic dumplings with steamed vegetables, chicken or pork filling served with a spicy yet flavourful chutney that will make your taste buds go wow.

Doh Khlieh: This is a healthy alternative salad made with minced onions, chillies and pork, usually famous around the Khasi region.

Rice Beer

Unique Sweets From Shillong

Pukhlein: Experience a unique and flavorful dessert with Pukhlein, made with rice flour, cane sugar and jaggery, perfect for an evening snack.

Sakin Gata: This staple of Meghalayan cuisine is made of sticky rice, which is soaked in rice water and then mixed with sugar to be arranged in banana leaves.

Kyat: A Khasi fermented rice beer with a mix of natural herbs and low alcohol content is a must-try!

Restaurants at Polo Towers Shillong

Ginger: One of the best restaurants in Shillong, this place offers a multi-cuisine menu ranging from Chinese to Indian. From pastas to tandoori platters, the variety is vast. The chefs are highly experienced and will leave you wanting more!

Sky Grill: BBQ lovers, this is your heaven in Shillong, with seating arrangements under the beautiful night sky. Enjoy the unforgettable flavours and textures of our mouth-watering kebabs and other grilled delicacies to go along with the breathtaking views.

Irish Pub: After a long, exhausting day, unwind here for a couple of drinks with friends and family with music and aesthetic interiors to capture precious moments from your vacation!

Cupcake Factory: Visit our bakery in Shillong to satiate all your sweet cravings and end your day on a sweet note.

seating area at Ginger 22 - Hotel Polo Towers, Shillong

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