Best places to eat in Shillong 

As a culinary explorer, Shillong is a destination that needs to be explored. A unique combination of Khasi and Chinese flavours is quintessential to Shillong. Along with traditional dishes, several cuisines from around the world have found their way to Shillong. Here are some of the best places to eat in Shillong.

A image of Thukpa served in a bowl

ML 05 Cafe Shillong

ML 05 is like a beacon to all bikers and sports fans alike. Serving comfort foods like Wai wai thukpa, onion bhajia, a hot cup of chair and many more dishes this is one of the best food places in Shillong, specifically Upper Shillong. ML 05 is the prefix of license plates of the vehicles from East Khasi Hills and is an ode to Shillong's love for vehicles. Apart from bikes and vehicles, the seating arrangements are made using Naga shawls for cushions and mats made of Khasi bamboo. With delectable food and a cosy setting, what more could one want during a hearty meal?

Dylan's Cafe

Have a snack or a meal to classical music inside this cafe with graffiti on their ceiling along with music discs hanging from it. A special addition to this cafe is the Love Locks. You can buy a lock at the cafe and hang it up on their balcony. Give your keys to the staff at the cafe and they will have it shipped to Paris to be tossed into the river Seine, the place where the concept of love locks all originated from. Apart from good stories about rock music and a chill vibe, the food takes centre stage. With an American Menu along with delicacies, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Pancakes or herby cheese waffles for breakfast? Steaming hot momos because you're in the Northeast? Classic Shillong noodles? Dylan's Cafe has them all.

Hot steaming Momos served with red and yellow chutney
A image of pork roast being cut into pieces with a butcher knife on a wooden table

Woodstock Cafe

Time Travel might not be possible yet but at Woodstock Cafe, you can still feel the peace and love the festival of 1969 wished to promote. Perched on the green hills enjoy your meal while looking at misty paddy fields and slight drizzle. The hum of the rain and music floating around in the cafe is the perfect place for a warm bowl of wonton soup and a juicy pork rib roast. Finish your meal with something sweet like the All-American Apple Pie topped with a generous serving of vanilla ice cream.


One of the oldest restaurants in Shillong, Ginger is a multi-cuisine restaurant. With a chef-curated speciality menu, this is one of the good places to eat in Shillong with your family and friends. The restaurant serves regional favourites like Jadoh a spicy rice dish cooked with pork fat and often served with dried meat or a stew. The menu is extensive with crowd favourites like Shyam Savera Kofta and Signature Sizzler and is, therefore, one of the best places to eat in Shillong when with a group of people.

Naga chilli chicken wings offered at Ginger, a restaurant in Shillong
a chef grilling kebabs

Sky Grill

Lounge under the starry Shillong sky, with a plate filled with a variety of BBQ and kebabs engulfed in the crisp air of Shillong. This open-air restaurant in Police Bazar is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day of travelling; it has a pleasant aesthetic along with satiating dishes. The smoking-friendly atmosphere is an added benefit to the casual setting of this restaurant.

Irish Pub

Our Irish pub in the Scotland of the East earns a definite visit With mouth-watering snacks and an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, this is the perfect place to unwind with your friends after a long day. The options range from top-notch wine and whisky to brands like Beera, local ginger wine and sonyong ale so you will not run out of options or be bored of drinking the night away with the same old beverages. Find your feet tapping to the psychedelic music at the best dance pub in Shillong

different colours of alcohol kept on the bar counter at Irish Pub
3 cupcakes kept on display

Cupcake Factory

With a catchphrase like "What is life without a cupcake?" no place can go wrong. Apart from fuelling your craving for sweet things with fluffy cupcakes, this patisserie at Police Bazar strives to fuel your need for caffeine with gourmet coffee. The place is open 24 hours, so do not worry if you need a caffeine fix late in the night along with a sugary treat.

Hotel Polo Towers invites you to savour a multitude of dining options in the heart of Shillong. Whether you crave local flavours or international cuisines, our culinary offerings promise to tantalise your taste buds. Join us and embark on a gastronomic journey amidst the warm and welcoming ambience of Shillong.

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