Indulge in the Dover Lane Music Festival

In the City of Joy, Kolkata, the Dover Lane Music Festival started in 1952. It all began here as a dream nourished by a small group of classical music enthusiasts who came together to share their passion. In its early years, the festival was tiny, featured fewer performers, and drew locals. The festival got its name when it was first held on Dover Lane, a well-known lane in Kolkata's Ballygunge neighbourhood, under the sponsorship of the Late Sri Narendra Singh Singhi at Singhi Park, his home.

Evolution of the festival

Over time, the number of days and artists at the Dover Lane Music Conference have increased significantly. Every night of the performance, more than four to five thousand people attend, and the festival has grown to be renowned in Eastern India. Participants travel from Kolkata, its neighbouring states, other regions of India, and beyond to perform at this prestigious event. This Kolkata music festival has made a name for itself as a significant cultural programme for musicians and the enthusiastic general public.

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Just music and everything

Kolkata music festival places a lot of attention on showcasing up-and-coming musicians, making it unique among other festivals. The festival lasts four days, and every day a different classical music performance draws crowds. There are performers of both Carnatic and Hindustani classical music, including instrumental and vocal forms. The Dover Lane Music Festival has included renowned musicians from the nation. The performances start late in the evening and continue through the night to the morning. This event has rekindled the enthusiasm of many organisations and artists to support the survival of India's traditional cultural arts. The festival has had music performances over the years, dance performances from Kolkata and Eastern India, Hindustani classical music, and even Carnatic music. The Dover Lane Music Conference now offers three membership levels: Life, Associate and Ordinary, and the festival takes place every year.

Experience Dover Lane

Dover Lane Kolkata is in the centre of the city's thriving Gariahat cultural and commercial sector. It leads into a lush quadrangular neighbourhood of houses at one end that was largely constructed in the early second quarter of the 20th century. Most of these houses are still in use, albeit some are in disrepair, some are falling apart, and a few have been destroyed and replaced with bland and personality-less flats. Along with other influences of middle-class urban Bengali architecture between the 1930s and 1960s, Art Deco is a prominent element repeated here.

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