Flora and Fauna of Meghalaya

Meghalaya, one of the Seven Sister States of North East India, is geographically rich with great misty mountains, luscious valleys, rock formations, and much more. It is popularly known for its vast variety of undiscovered flora and fauna too, with 70% of the state being densely forested for visitors to get away freely into nature’s marvel.

Explore some of South East Asia’s richest botanical habitats while you tour Meghalaya’s variety of floral and faunal biodiversity, with a small area of the forest known as the ‘Sacred Groves of India’, which is communally protected. Due to its climatic condition, the place supports a large variety of floral diversity and is a favourite of all nature lovers. Not to miss out is one on the biggest attractions, the Living Root Bridge in Meghalaya, which would blow your mind with its mesmerizing beauty.

As a tourist, you would be surprised to enter the National Parks in Meghalaya, where you are bound to discover nature in its purest form. If you are lucky enough, you might get to spot the Great Indian Hornbill, which is the largest bird in Meghalaya and other regional birds like the Grey Peacock Pheasant, the Large Indian Parakeet and also the common Green Pigeon too.

Let’s not forget, the large variety of mammals that Meghalaya is home to. Amongst them, the most sighted are Elephants, Bears, Red Pandas, Deer, Wild Boar, and several Primates. Meghalaya also houses a variety of Bats, the rarest of which can be found in the limestone caves in Meghalaya such as the Siju Cave and other large caves like Borra, Marai, Khasi and many more.

Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji, provides you with the luxury to experience such flora and fauna in Meghalaya. Not only are there various kinds of flora to explore within the property itself, but every sight overlooking the property is also covered with it. While you stay at Polo Orchid Resort, you can also introduce yourself to their adventurous activities and visit the hidden waterfalls, living root bridges, hike or trek through the mountains and more to immerse yourself completely in the beauty of nature.

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