Kolkata, India's centre of culture and arts, is well recognised for its old-world charm and colonial-style buildings. Due to its encapsulating beauty, couples prefer to do pre-wedding shoots in Kolkata. The City of Joy offers a plethora of enamouring landmarks that pose to be the perfect backdrop for you and your beloved to pose and create memories.

Princep Ghat

The Princep Ghat, one of the most sought-after pre-wedding shoot locations in Kolkata, is an architectural wonder with the charming River Ganges running right next to it. Take a romantic twilight boat trip on the Ganges, which is the ideal setting for an exquisite pre-wedding shoot. Posing on the boat as you slowly cruise across the river wearing sparkling costumes is a moment to remember. It sounds ideal to have a romantic photo shoot at dusk near the Corinthian pillars with the Vidyasagar Setu as the backdrop.

howrah bridge at dusk
a taxi passing by Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial, the most recognisable historical building in Kolkata, is a building emanating a distinctive fusion of European, Indian, and Persian styles. This splendid architecture is made of marble, which stands tall and shines bright. Its 64 acres of well-maintained gardens and extensive open space serve as the perfect pre-wedding shoot locations. Kolkata is known for its romantic settings and ambience that guarantee a magical photoshoot with your loved one.

Rabindra Sarovar


Rabindra Sarovar is one of the most serene places to go for a pre-wedding shoot. The highlighting feature of the place is the crystal-clear artificial lake that witnesses a number of migratory birds. A stone sidewalk runs around the lake, allowing people to walk. With greenery and flowers blooming on the sides, the aura of this location is one to behold. It is seen as one of the most unique pre-wedding photoshoot spots in Kolkata.

a couple posing for a wedding photoshoot 2
trees in a field

Botanical Garden

If you want your pre-wedding shoot to be magical and charming, head out to Botanical Garden! Characterised by amazon lilies, exquisite sculptures and the beautiful quietness of nature enhance the mysticism of the place. The garden also features an ancient banyan tree that can be an integral addition to your photo shoot. Strike a romantic pose by the tree and share a couple of giggles with your loved one. This garden, which is located in Shibpur, Kolkata, spans a sizable area of 109 hectares and is home to a diverse variety of flora and lakes.

Mullick Ghat

Skip the typical pre-wedding locations and head to Kolkata's largest and most hectic flower market, Mullick Ghat! It is a paradise full of colourful blossoms, making it a heavenly place for pre-wedding photoshoots. Choose to have your photo taken in front of garlands of marigolds, sunflowers, or roses for the picture-perfect backdrop. Wear the popular Bengali wedding dresses and smile for a few clicks amid a paradise of colourful blooms! Romance here is definitely in the air!

a couple posing with fairy lights lit at the back

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