Christmas in Meghalaya

Christmas is a grand festival in Meghalaya. The entire state comes alive with Christmas trees, carols and lights. Take a trip to this North-Eastern state in India, which is one of the best destinations to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas in Shillong

Travellers who are looking to celebrate Christmas in Shillong can head over to the many churches that are present in and around the city. Some of the popular churches in the area include the Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church and the Shillong Catholic Cathedral. These churches are flocked with devotees from morning to evening, and they conduct a number of masses and prayers throughout the day. You can also head to Laitumkhrah street for your Christmas shopping needs.

Christmas in Cherrapunji

Spend your Christmas in Cherrapunji shopping for the festivities after visiting the popular churches of the area. There are a number of places that sell unique merchandise and souvenirs that serve as a wonderful reminder of your visit or gifts for your loved ones. Some of the best shopping destinations in and around Cherrapunji include the Police Bazar.

The Christmas celebrations in Cherrapunji also come with a fair share of musical events that are performed by local bands. These bands perform a variety of Christmas based songs that you can enjoy during your time in the city. If you are interested in treating yourself and your family to a Christmas themed breakfast or lunch, you can try out the nearby restaurants and dig into the many delicacies on offer.

These destinations showcase a variety of merchandise such as crackers, candles, cards and more to help you enjoy the perfect Meghalaya Christmas. There are also a number of British-era bakeries where you can indulge in a plethora of baked goods. If you wish to experience a one-of-a-kind Christmas experience, you can take part in the Christmas carols and other programmes that are organized by local groups. These groups participate in food distribution and other social upliftment activities as well.

Travellers who are looking to visit Meghalaya during this festive season can pamper themselves to a wonderful hospitality experience at Hotel Polo Towers, Shillong or Polo Orchid, Cherrapunji. These hotels offer top-of-the-line hospitality combined with timeless service to ensure a memorable stay. We also offer a Christmas-style buffet that can be enjoyed by our guests during their stay at our hotel.

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