Unique Dining Experiences in Kolkata

Kolkata, India’s cultural capital, is famous for its remarkable culinary experiences. Be it traditional delicacies in Ballygunge, authentic Kolkata Biriyani in Chowringee, fancy cafes on Park Street, street food at New Market, or the famous Bengali sweet shops that are located at every turn of the road - food and options for the best dining in Kolkata are endless.

The latest addition to the city’s ever-expanding food scene is the Sky Deck at Polo Floatel, Kolkata at Jetty, Strand Road - the first-ever floating hotel in the City of Joy. Located on the waterfront, with an open-air setting, this restaurant offers an experience of unique dining in Kolkata.

Gaining popularity as one of the best dining places in Kolkata, Sky Deck at Polo Floatel offers a mesmerising view of River Hooghly and the famous Howrah Bridge.

a boatride across River Hooghly during summer by Polo Floatel
a mango drink

The restaurant, apart from its regular a la carte menu, introduces special seasonal menus such as its summer special menu featuring unique cocktails and appetisers. Food festivals, such as the Mango Festival, which goes on till the end of May, are major draws among food lovers. During such food festivals, guests can enjoy special chef-curated delicacies that include mango-based dishes. During the summertime, the restaurant also offers special boat rides and curated dining experiences. Imagine being with your special someone on a boat, cruising through the calm waters of River Hooghly while devouring your favourite dish. Magical, isnt it?

The ambience provided by Sky Deck is truly delightful, charming and extremely rejuvenating. The cool breeze caressing your skin, the enticing sip of one of the exquisitely crafted cocktails and the marvellous views of the river and Howrah Bridge are what make the floating restaurant a complete stand-out. For a fun night, the deck is also tailored for DJ nights where you can groove to your favourite tunes with your friends.

Whether you are looking to experience a private dinner in Kolkata with your special someone, or a gala night with family and friends, Sky Deck is one of the most unique places for dining in Kolkata.

Lights decoration across the restuarant Sky Grill that offers unique dining in Kolkata

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