Cuisines of Shillong

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is known as one of the most exotic places in northeast India. But it is not just its natural beauty and its music culture that attracts visitors - it is the food of Shillong that will keep bringing you back time and again. 

The food of Shillong is unique, unlike the rest of India. Pork and beef, which is much of a rarity in other parts of the subcontinent, takes the centre stage here. That is what the tastes of mountain folks are - succulent meat, that sometimes includes the boring country chicken too, slow-cooked with a handful of garden-fresh chillies, herbs and bambooshoot, and served with steaming hot rice! It is the food that keeps you warm in the misty, cloudy weather of the hillside.

The food of Shillong is predominantly influenced by the Khashi, Jaintia and Garo tribes. But there is not much to worry about if you are looking for vegetarian food in Shillong. On the street stalls of Meghalaya, the women would humbly cook for you vegetables fresh from the mountains, spiced up with fiery ‘ghost chillies’ or exotic green herbs which are delicacies in itself. If you take a walk through Bura Bazaar or Police Bazaar, you would find khasi women in their traditional garb, selling pineapples, pears, apples in small roadside stalls. They would cut big chunks of pineapples and dip it in their secret sauce of chillies and salt for you to taste - a must-try delicacy in Shillong.

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As the former capital of Assam, a lot of Assamese and Bengali influence could also be seen in the culture of food in Shillong. Chow-chow, cutlets, rolls and burgers are immensely popular here as is the Khasi Vegetarian Thali. You could visit Ginger and Sky Grill at Polo Towers, Shillong, to enjoy pan-Indian delicacies of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, as well as unique regional delicacies. You could also visit restaurants like the City Hut Family Dhaba, the Lamee Restaurant, or The Madras Cafe if you are more of a traditional foodie. These are some of the places serving the best food in Shillong

The food of Shillong is a mix of tradition and urbanization, and you could get a refined taste of its food at places like Qzine, Trattoria, Dylan’s Cage, Deja Vu, Ginger Restaurant, and The Shillong Cafe. But if you are looking for Khasi food in Shillong or authentic Meghalayan food, you could hop on to the many places along the streets of Shillong. These shops, set up by the locals, serve the best food in Shillong, and give you a taste of the city’s unique culture and identity. Grilled and smoked meat, as well as sausages are popular delicacies in Shillong. Do not forget to taste a plate of steaming hot momos at this city where it is much of a staple, and grab a jar of pickles as part of your visit to Shillong.

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