A Visit To Udaipur, Tripura

Udaipur is a small town located in the Gomati district of Tripura. Udaipur, the second-largest city in Tripura, is celebrated as the City of Lakes. These artificially made water bodies enhance the aesthetic beauty of the city. Apart from the lakes, this town is also known for its temples. Udaipur sees a massive footfall from pilgrims who come to pay reverence to the deities and gods present here.


The best time to visit is from September to May. It is situated 52 km from Agartala and is easily accessible by state transport buses and private vehicles.

Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura Sundari Temple or Maa Kali Temple is the most profound place to visit in Udaipur. This temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths in India, located at a distance of 3 km south of Udaipur town. This temple is sited upon a small hill and exhibits an exotic spiritual charm. It is dedicated to Goddess Tripureshwari. The inner temple mimics the shape of a tortoise’s hump. It is a mesmerising landmark that one should visit.

diyas lit up at Tripura Sundari Temple - Udaipur in Tripura

Bijoy Sagar Lake

Bijoy Sagar is one of the biggest and most popular lakes in Udaipur. Also known as Mahadeb Dighi, this lake is around 750 metres in length. Surrounded by tranquil environment, the lake has an enthralling view that allures tourists and locals alike. The area surrounding the lake is an ideal spot for picnics. It is a paradise amongst nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. Travellers can spot a large number of birds here as well.

Tepania Eco Park

Tepania Eco Park is spread over an area of 155 hectares. Built in the year 1995 in Radhakishorepur Forest Reserve, this ecological park is located 5 kms from Udaipur. The major attraction among children and adults is the sturdy treehouse built inside the park. The park also homes an Orchidarium which preserves around 200 varieties of orchids, a cactus house that protects 250 variants of cacti, different flowers, trees, monkeys, reptiles, and birds. Visit this park to spend some quality time in a relaxing environment.

Neer Mahal Udaipur, Tripura

Neer Mahal

Neer Mahal, which means water palace, was built in 1938. Situated in the middle of Lake Rudrasagar, this palace was constructed by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore. It is a very popular tourist destination to visit in Udaipur, Tripura. The palace was used as a summer residence by the royal family. The palace is a rich amalgamation of both Mughal and Hindu architecture that will simply win your heart! Tourists can take a boat to ride across the lake to access the palace.

Nazrul Granthaghar

The national library of Udaipur in Tripura, Nazrul Granthaghar, is named after the respected Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam - a renowned personality who stood up to political revolutions and social injustice. The library was built in 1954 during the reign of the Manikya royal family. This is a heritage place in Udaipur where students, scholars and tourists visit to learn more about the royal-realm and pre-independence of India. The library offers around 75,000 fiction and non-fiction books, including Kazi Nazrul’s work.

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