Planning A Road Trip to Agartala

Going on a road trip with friends is probably on everyone’s bucket list. Agartala, the capital of Tripura, is a popular destination for road trips in India due to its magnificent natural beauty & rich historical significance. So, whip out your road trip planner and get ready!

1. Season
Firstly, you need to decide on the best time to travel there. Agartala is pleasant around the year. The cool months of winter (December-March) are enjoyable and busy with many grand festivals being celebrated while summer and monsoon temperatures are mild & breezy, perfect for sightseeing.

2. Transport
Choosing the correct vehicle of travel is of utmost importance. You might opt for a road trip on bike if you’re travelling with friends or solo. But if you’re travelling with family, especially with children or elderly members, then a car is the best option.

3. Itinerary
Next, you need to chalk out an itinerary and decide on the activities you’re going to partake in and the sites you intend to visit during your road trip in India.
Sightseeing in Agartala is truly a treat to one’ senses. It offers so many lovely scenic spots like Neermahal Palace and Jampui Hills where the sunsets are divine, Unakoti which displays rock carvings & murals, temples like Chaturdasha Temple and Jagannath Temple, Heritage Park, and the Royal Ujjayanta Palace. You can choose the number of places based on your availability of time and budget.

4. Packing
You have to be very practical in packing for your road trip and not pack heavy. You must carry all the camping essentials like change of clothes, emergency lights, torch, power banks, non-perishable food items like packaged and canned foods, sleeping bags, mosquito nets and repellents, personal medicine, first aid kits and so on. If you’re going with children, you should have some entertaining toys and gadgets like radios.

Road trips turn into unforgettable memories of our lives. But sometimes you may face difficulties if you don’t plan ahead. We hope these tips on how to plan a road trip are useful for you. Remember that the most important thing is to have fun, and other things will eventually fall into place.

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