The Annual Kolkata International Book Fair

Kolkata International Book Fair is one of the most anticipated events in the city. The annual winter event is much more than just a common book fair; it is considered an inherent part of the book-loving Bong culture. Announced to be held on February 28th, 2022, the book fair will continue for 12 days. Like every other year, the Kolkata book fair allures a heavy footfall. Kolkata’s affinity with art, culture and literature is well known. As a consequence, it is not uncanny that the International Book Fair, Kolkata, is the largest and most frequently attended book fair in Asia. It is the third-largest annual conglomeration of books in the world and the largest non-trade book fair in the world. The fair, which sees a turn-around of millions, has attendees from all age groups and across the globe - the young and the old, the students and the children. People even come from neighbouring cities and towns, stay at hotels near the venue of the Kolkata Book Fair, and enjoy the literary frenzy and festive mood.

Every year the book fair chooses a theme country, and for its 45th year of the event, Bangladesh is chosen as the theme nation. The fair will celebrate the literature and culture of Bangladesh and will also see a number of prominent guests from the country, celebrating 50 years of its liberation. The book fair ground is set to be dotted with more than 500 stalls, which will include participation from countries like India, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Great Britain, the USA, Japan, and France.

books stacked on each other and kept on racks
books kept on racks with people sitting behind the shelves

During the International Book Fair, Kolkata, a number of book signing and book release events take place. Seminars by the literati, talks, competitive events for school children and college students, and special theme-country events are also held. The Kolkata International Book fair is ideally held from the end of January to the first weeks of February but has been postponed this year owing to the Covid-19 situation. This year, the fair will be held at Central Park Mela Ground in Bidhannagar.

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