Experience Food Heaven At Our Cafés

Known as the Scotland of the East, Meghalaya is home to lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls & many beautiful natural wonders. The stunning road trip views, adventurous treks, the clean fresh air, among many other things, make visiting Meghalaya an experience like no other!

Shillong is known for its lovely lakes, viewpoints, gardens & bazaars. Among all of these attractions lies a charming place called, Dylan’s Café.A café that pays tribute to the legendary & Shillong’s favourite musician, Bob Dylan. With a great ambience, delicious dishes including comfort food & local delicacies, and lively music – settle in with a book from their shelves, or enjoy quality time with your loved ones, either way you’re in for a relaxing & happy time!

The winding roads of Meghalaya’s hills, lined with pine trees, make for an unforgettable road trip! ML05 Café, a concept café located along the highway, celebrates this love for the endless road & the journey ahead. Decorated with bikes & other elements, accompanied by a menu of local foods like, the classic hill-side momos & thukpa, and refreshing drinks, to give you the complete highway dining experience, with a rustic feel & delicious food.

If you’re looking for a place to relax for a bit while on your way to Cherrapunji from Shillong, then Woodstock Resort, is the place to be! Set by the paddy fields, with the silhouettes of the valley beyond, Woodstock Resort is where you can spend some peaceful time, enjoying the view with a warm cup of tea or coffee in hand & delicious food from the café. Spend a day or two relaxing at thebed & breakfast, amidst the natural beauty of Meghalaya that surrounds this place.
A great ambience and menus with local foods that will transport you to food heaven! These must-visit cafés will make your experience in Meghalaya a memorable one!

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