Rock and Roll Cottages


Rock and Roll Cottages offer spacious accommodations, blending homely comfort with modern amenities. Each room in Shillong features a queen-size bed, a bedside table, a tea/coffee maker, and other contemporary conveniences. A wall adorned with posters of music legends adds a unique touch, reflecting the inspiration behind this lodge near Shillong. A handcrafted bamboo swing and traditional handicrafts enhance the rustic charm of the neatly designed interiors. The patios open up to captivating views of the hills and paddy fields, making these cottages a serene retreat.

Woodstock Cottages in Shillong embody the overarching rock and roll theme of the lodge, paying tribute to musical icons while providing a hip and comfortable resort room experience in Shillong. With 7 different types of cottages named after famous pop artists - Janis Joplin Premium Cottages, Ravi Shankar Premium Cottages, Jimmy Hendrix Premium Cottages, C.C.R (Credence Clearwater Revival), Jefferson Airplane, Santana and Woodstock Suite Room - guests can immerse themselves in a musical journey while enjoying the elegance and comfort of these well-equipped accommodations.

Experience a laid-back lifestyle at our rocking farmhouse in Shillong, where music and comfort harmonise to create an unforgettable stay.

Woodstock Resort - accommodation in Shillong

Premium Farmhouse Cottage

Woodstock Resort - Rock and Roll themed cottage in Shillong

Farmhouse Cottage

Modern bedroom with twin beds, stylish swing chair, and wall art display - at Woodstock Cafe BnB

Woodstock Suite

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Hill Views

Water Bottle

Thematic Interiors

Tea & Coffee Maker


Breakfast (Chargeable)

Double Bed

Attached Bathroom

Lounging Space and Swing Chair