Kolkata, the City of Joy, is known for its creative side. The intricate details focused on by artistic men of the city are truly commendable. The craftsmanship here is something that should be given the same importance as the cuisine! People here take inspiration from the past and weave that inspiration into various art forms. Kolkata handicrafts’ markets tell stories about these people and their talent through their crafts.

From bamboo crafts to terracotta pots, their imaginations know no bounds. As you walk through the narrow winding roads of the city, you will often come across artisans sitting below a halogen bulb, engrossed in turning their visions into beautiful artworks. Here are some best Kolkata art and craft instances that you should know about!

baskets made of bamboo

For centuries, tribal artisans of Assam and West Bengal, among many other places have created stunning pieces of handicrafts from bamboo. From baskets, ornaments, lampshades, and household objects, the bamboo craft in Kolkata is completely handmade without any machinery. For generations, the artisans have woven material into mats, containers, and other artefacts. Shops and markets sprawling across the city, like Biswa Bangla, West Bengal State Handicraft Story help the artisans to display and sell their stunning bamboo handicraft products.

Kolkata handicrafts do not stop at weaving or painting. The terracotta is one of the most famous and popular art forms used to make decorative items. Terracotta means something that has been baked or cooked on a fire. Artisans in Kolkata use terracotta to make a diverse range of products - from pottery to colourful vases and decorative items. As you walk through markets like Biswa Bangla Hut, you will see several artisans making decorative flower vases by sticking small colourful mirrors on terracotta. In North Kolkata, the oldest part of the city, you will often find idols, water bottles and kaleidoscopic jewellery made out of terracotta.

dolls made of terracotta
bottles of water colour

Exploring the artistic side of Kolkata is impossible without the city’s intriguing paintings. With bold colours and confident strokes, you will find these masterpieces everywhere, from metro stations to street walls. Kolkata has pioneered several literary, theatrical, and visual arts movements and trends over the years, as India's unofficial cultural capital. Every week there are exhibitions throughout Kolkata, where artisans come from all over West Bengal. If you are looking forward to exploring Kolkata's finest artworks, visit the Academy of Fine Arts, the most famous place to experience the paramount art and craft. Kolkata is, as they say, the unofficial cultural capital of India!

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