Celebrating Poila Boishakh

Poila Boishakh or Bengali New Years holds a special space in the heart of every Bengali. Along with that, people hailing from Kolkata or those who are familiar with Bengali festivals are also accustomed with this tradition. The auspicious day of Poila Boishakh marks the first month of Boishakh or the new harvest season.

People celebrate Nobo Borsho (transl. New Year) with lots of shopping, new clothes, cultural programmes, and of course a huge variety of delicious Bengali food! It is also an important day for businesses as they fulfill the tradition of opening a new ledger called Halkhata. It is a day of huge pomp with everyone seeking blessings from God for success, prosperity and new beginnings in life.

Brimming with historic and cultural significance, there is no dearth of places for Bengali new year celebrations in Kolkata. People usually flock to places in Kolkata that conjures up the essence of the homeland for them. The Ganges is one such place that is unequivocally important to people of Kolkata. The serene views of the sacred river bring a unique solace to the soul. A river cruise in Kolkata upon the river Ganges sounds like the perfect plan to make Poila Boishakh celebrations even more delightful!

So, this Poila Boishakh, give an exciting new twist to your festive plans and head over to Polo Floatel, the first floating hotel in South Asia! Indulge in the luxurious river cruise on the Ganges offered by Polo Floatel, and soak in the magnificent views of the Howrah Bridge and the Vidyasagar Setu, as the glorious river softly glides by.

The boats that are equipped with nostalgic instruments like a gramophone and an English-style teapot are guaranteed to deliver an impeccably authentic and unforgettable experience. Or you can have a go at the scrumptious menu of the river cruise’s floating restaurant which promises an array of traditional and global delicacies. Either way, both your heart and tummy will be full!

After all, Poila Boishakh is a day to spend with your loved ones if they are near, or to wish them Subho Nobo Borsho over the phone if they are not. But if you’re lucky enough to be in Kolkata on this occasion, especially with your friends and family, you will surely enjoy being a part of this grand festival!

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