Discover the Best Cafe in Shillong

Prepare to redefine your expectations of Indian flavours in Shillong. Experience a fusion of Khasi, Indian and Chinese tastes, crafted with fresh local ingredients and a touch of smokiness. Shillong is predominantly non-vegetarian but vegetarians do not despair, we have curated a list of cafes in Shillong to eat where there is something available for everyone.


ML 05 Cafe Shillong

Shillong is crazy about cars and bikes and ML 05 cafe is an ode to this love for vehicles. The custom decor of the cafe showcases the owner's love for travel and sports bikes and that is exactly why you need to check out this cafe when biking across upper Shillong. With a menu ranging from local favourites to Italian and Chinese ML 05 is the best place to wake up your taste buds along with the biker within you. The menu is quirky with items like, Maggi had a little lamb for their Maggi combined with mutton Keema that takes a little more than the standard two minutes to be prepared. Have the quintessential hill station food Maggi at ML 05 or the Wai Wai thukpa platter to warm your bones after a chilly bike ride or savour their famous pizzas and gooey fudge brownies.

Dylan's Cafe

Hands down the best cafe one will come across that pays homage to Bob Dylan and Lou Majaw. With a beautiful interior adorned with music discs, graffitied ceilings and eye-catching wall installations Dylan's cafe is not only a place for feating for your stomach but your eyes as well. Gorge on their chicken burgers and milkshakes for an American feel to go along with the atmosphere or have the Naga Chilli Cheese Toast to fit the vibe of being in Shillong while listening to the local artists jamming at the cafe. Dylan's cafe is the best place to chill in Shillong with a cup of hot chocolate to beat the cold outside.

burger Shillong cafe
English Breakfast Shillong

Woodstock Cafe

With both beautiful indoor and outdoor seating arrangements Woodstock Cafe is the best place for breakfast in Shillong. The panoramic views of mountains and paddy along with the cool morning breeze of the hill station allow for a moment of peace and tranquility. This feeling is heightened by the wall mural of the Woodstock Festival held in New York in 1969 that promoted peace and love and saw various artists perform during the music festival. The breakfast timings for this cafe are 7 am to 10 am when you can either have stuffed parathas, omelettes or a full English breakfast. 

Join us at Hotel Polo Towers to experience a diverse range of dining options in central Shillong. Whether you desire local specialities or international dishes, our culinary delights ensure a delightful journey for your taste buds. Come and enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere of Shillong with us.

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