Tasting Tradition: Exploring the Famous Food of Tripura in Agartala

Beyond the allure of Agartala's cultural tapestry lies a lesser-explored treasure - the rich and diverse Tripuri cuisine. Embark with us on a flavourful journey as we uncover the famous food of Tripura that defines the essence of culinary heritage.

Mui Borok: The Soul of Tripura on a Plate

No trip to Agartala is complete without savouring Mui Borok, the famous food of Tripura. Imagine smoked fish, tender vegetables, and zesty spices simmered to perfection. Each bite is a burst of earthy richness, a testament to the land and its bounty. And guess what? It's healthy too! Berma, the star ingredient, is a fermented fish packed with protein and probiotics - your gut will thank you later.

Fish fry sea food- bowl
A gravy in a pan bowl

Bamboo Shoot - Muya Awandru

This Tripura traditional food features bamboo shoots, a local delicacy, cooked with rice flour and Berma. The earthy tones of the bamboo, the subtle tang of the fermented fish, and the comforting warmth of the rice – it's a taste that stays with you long after the last bite. 

Chakhwi: A Royal Treat for Your Palate

Feeling fancy? Indulge in Chakhwi, a dish fit for kings (and queens, of course!). Tender pork, slowly braised with jackfruit, papaya and bamboo shoots, creates a symphony of textures and flavours. Each bite is a burst of sweet, savoury and smoky goodness, a testament to the ingenuity of Tripuri kitchens.

Chicken stew plate
Fish curry in a bowl

Gudok: A Wholesome Delight

Coming in next as one of the famous foods of Tripura, Gudok is a hearty preparation that brings together vegetables, bamboo shoots, fermented fish and spices, creating a wholesome and nutritious dish. Traditionally cooked in bamboo pipes, the goodness of Gudok reflects the simplicity, earthy aroma, fermented tang and unexpected textures.

Mosdeng Serma: A Tangy Twist on the Familiar

Craving something familiar with a twist? A vibrant tomato curry, speckled with red chillies and garlic and infused with the magic of Berma. It's a tangy, spicy dance on your tongue, a dish that warms you from the inside out and leaves you wanting to mop up every last drop with fluffy rice.

Soupy gravy in a plate
Cold drink a glass

Chuak - A Toast to Tradition

And to quench your thirst after all this culinary excitement, there's Chuak, the local rice beer. Brewed with love and time, this fermented brew is more than just a drink; it's a refreshingly tart beverage that's perfect for a celebration of community, a toast to tradition, sharing stories and laughter with newfound friends.

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