What makes Cherrapunjee a destination wedding hotspot?

As they say, wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life - whether the bride or the groom. Having a wedding away from one’s native place allows both families to get to know each other and at the same time have a semblance of a holiday, even in the midst of elaborate wedding arrangements. As far as the couple is concerned, a destination wedding is more fun with an intimate wedding affair and honeymoon. More and more young Indian couples are opting for destination weddings abroad. But did you know that India is also quite a destination wedding hotspot? You bet! Cherrapunjee in particular is a great choice.

Destination weddingor not, planning and scheduling for a wedding plays a major part. So, if you are thinking of having one, plan a year ahead and send out invitations 3-4 months prior.

Reasons for choosing Cherrapunjee as your wedding destination:

Conveniently located, the region is easily accessible via airways, road & railways.

The more said about the picturesque scenery of Cherrapunjee, the less it is. The hilly backdrop with pleasant temperature makes it an ideal choice for the extravagant and hectic wedding events. It’s also home to diverse vegetation and greenery that makes it quite romantic. With the scenic charm of lush greenery, hills and waterfalls - you can have your fairytale wedding here without issues. What’s more? Many places are unexplored in the region, so deviating from trends, you can also opt for an offbeat and pleasant wedding with many memories to regale in the years to come.

Polo Orchid Resort is a 5-star luxury resortand is well-equipped to deal with all the wedding requisites - from accommodation, to transportation, to decor and meal facilities. You can entrust us with the most important day of your life.

Contact for wedding enquiries: 8794701637.

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