Mesmerising Shillong Autumn Festival

Shillong continues to draw tourists because of its unrivalled scenic splendour. “The home of clouds”, is blessed with a rich culture and is well known for its verdant valleys, beautiful waterfalls, and live root bridges. Tourists and visitors from all over India congregate in Shillong to celebrate the joyous spirit of the state of Meghalaya for the Shillong Autumn Festival, which happens throughout October and November on the shores of the picturesque Umiam Lake. Visitors can also taste regional delicacies, wines, crafts, and other goods at the event.

The Shillong Autumn Festival is a cultural celebration of the state's rich cultural legacy, showcasing well-known musicians from the state and the country. Shillong, known as India's rock capital for its thriving music culture, promises to be a blast for music fans. Top musicians from India will play at the event, providing riveting performances. The event will include music from many genres, including metal, rock, hip-hop, and EDM.

People enjoying the rock music
KIte flying at autumn festival Meghalaya

Activities in the Autumn Festival of Meghalaya include a myriad of fashion exhibitions where the clothes are made of locally woven fabric, giving the designers a chance to display their creations. Other fascinating activities include food and wine extravaganzas, flower exhibitions, kite-flying competitions, golf contests, and fishing tournaments.

The biggest festival of Meghalaya is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. It is widely celebrated and incredibly well-liked. Meghalaya, also known as the "Land of Clouds", is well-renowned for its indigenous tribes, traditional dance, and music. Many tribals celebrate following their particular traditions, customs, and cultures. The majority of Meghalaya's festivals are centred on agriculture, the primary source of income for the state's citizens.

water flowing under the bridge in Meghalaya
Authentic Meghalayan cuisine

Shillong Autumn Festival's cuisines have also become quite famous in the state over the past several years and have drawn a lot of tourists. For its unique cuisines, Meghalayan festivals are becoming more and more well-known. The state's rich cultural legacy that it has acquired from its history is what gives its food its distinctive flavour and flair. The most frequent and well-liked meals offered here are steaming hot rice and tender, slow-cooked chicken with a few garden-fresh chillies, herbs, and bamboo shoots! Shillong's excellent cuisine keeps you warm throughout the brisk weather. Shillong Autumn Fest is an incredible medium for fresh and new eateries to showcase their sumptuous dishes to a gigantic crowd.

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