Handicrafts of Tripura

Tripura is an enchanting hilly state in North-East India. The state is beautifully dotted with mountains, hilly terrain, ancient temples and flowing rivers, offering mesmerising scenic views of the valleys and stretches of greenery. It is also known for its tea plantations and toy trains.

Apart from these, this princely state in North-East India is well known for its handicrafts and handlooms. Reflecting its innate craftsmanship and unique traditions, Tripura produces arts and crafts, textiles, cane and bamboo crafts, basket weaving, wood carving, ivory work and more.


Handloom is the oldest industry in Tripura. The tribal women of Tripura are devoted to weaving and every girl is taught this artform from a young age. This ritual, passed on from generation to generation, has become an integral part of their lives.

Handloom is among the most famous crafts of Tripura, and is characterized by the horizontal and vertical stripes of differently-coloured threads and distributed embroidery. The tribal inhabitants of Tripura wear hand-made handloom clothes that are fabricated with unique designs, masterly colour combinations and long-lasting texture.

textile strings
Woodcraft tools


Owing to the presence of dense forests in the state, wood is often used as one of the primary materials for everyday utilities. Over the years, artisans have created beautiful wooden interior decor as well, including trays, statues, lamp shades and utensils. Woodcraft comes adorned with intricate detailing as well, enhancing their overall appearance.

Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts

Cane and bamboo matting is one of the most popular industries in Tripura. Each tribe of Tripura is known for their own style of developing bamboo craft. These cane and bamboo mats are then converted to a number of other beautiful products. Some of the famous handicrafts of Tripura are handbags, fans, lamp shades, pot containers and table mats, among others. The cane and bamboo craft of Tripura are also exported to various countries, where they are in great demand.

woven baskets
Basket Weaving


Baskets are one of the most important Tripura bamboo handicrafts. The famous open-weave and closed-weave baskets are made with a special chain technique that gives them the unique texture and sturdiness. These bamboo baskets can be used to store household items such as toiletries and jewellery, among others.


Fabricated using split cane and bamboo, a Tripura ‘mudha’ is a low-rise stool used in many households. The skilled artisans use bamboo for the body and rim structure, and split cane for the seat. Split cane is also used to bind all the elements of the stool together, ensuring it is strong enough to hold the weight.

These are some of the popular Tripura bamboo craft items that are worth checking out. Not only are these handicrafts beautifully designed, but they are quite sturdy as well.

Bamboo Furniture

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