The Sweetness of Pineapples in Agartala

Agartala, the city capital of Tripura, is one of the largest cities in Northeast India. It is known for its high slopes and hillocks, mixed with waterways. The valleys receive a high percentage of rainfall throughout the year, which makes it well-suited for a wide variety of tropical fruits production.

Agartala, Tripura is known for the production of one such fruit – the famous Pineapples of Agartala. The pineapples produced here became so widely known that the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, declared Tripura’s ‘Queen’ or Queen Pineapple to be the ‘State Fruit’. If you love tropical fruits or pineapples in general, Agartala is certainly the place to visit.

There are mainly two varieties of pineapples available in Tripura - Queen and Kew. The Queen Pineapples are spiny, golden yellow in colour, and emit a pleasant aroma and flavour at the ripen stage. It is very sweet and leaves a nice taste in one’s mouth. Visit Agartala between mid-May to mid-July to try the queen of pineapples.

On the other hand, Kew Pineapples are spineless, light yellow in colour and emit considerable aroma and flavour. It is harvested at the half-ripe stage and stored for 1 to 3 weeks making it highly suitable for canning. The flavour of this pineapple makes it worth the wait.

The benefits of Pineapple are multiple! Loaded with nutrients, the fruit helps the body to fight free radicals and diseases. As refreshing as the fruit is, it helps in digestion and boosts metabolism too. The great taste also helps in nourishing one’s skin, hair, nails and teeth. Additionally, it might reduce the risk of cancer and also ease symptoms of arthritis.

Every year, pineapples are grown in abundance in Tripura across 8,800-hectare orchards. It is a viable crop for the survival of farmers as they get a substantial income from it.

Be sure to visit and take a sweet, fruity souvenir back home from the land of pineapples, Agartala.

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