Sohra House



Sohra House has 4 distinct sections that are woven together to form a striking structure that includes high ceilings and local maw block cladding. Our restaurant in Cherrapunji features a courtyard, a one-of-a-kind cliffside dining area, a bar, and a large buffet area and can accommodate up to 46 guests indoor and up to 22 guests in the outdoor seating area.

We serve an array of multicuisine delicacies, from the very common continental variants to the exquisite, lesser-known Khasi cuisine. Relish the tender meat of Smoke-Dried Pork, which is a speciality at our restaurant. Make your choice of beverage from our wide range of inebriants, the largest collection in all of Cherrapunji. While taking a sip of your favourite beverage, have a sense-altering, breathtaking view of the Seven Sisters Waterfalls right from Sohra House. Our Cherrapunji restaurant is surrounded by lush gardens and it also has a stage that can be utilized for hosting private events and conferences that are accompanied by music and lights. If you wish to enjoy your food in the comfort and quiet of your room, you can also opt for in-room dining and have your sumptuous, freshly prepared food sent to your room.

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7.30 AM - 10.30 PM

7.30 AM - 10.30 PM



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