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Best Time to Visit Polo Orchid Resort in Cherrapunji


Shad Suk Mynsiem is one of the most celebrated festivals in Meghalaya. This festival is commemorated through a 3-day program that is called "Shad Phur" which takes place in the mesmerising Khasi Hills.

Dates/Time to visit - 10th to 11th April
Temperature - 24-15 Degree Celcius

Nongkrem Festival is another popular festival celebrated in Meghalaya. Usually celebrated in the months of October and November, it is one of the most rejoiced festivals that is attended by travelers around the world.

Dates/Time to visit - Generally, in the month of November, every year.
Temperature - 24-15 Degree Celcius

Celebrated by the Jaintia Clan, Behdeinkhlam is a four-day festival that means ‘Chasing away the Plague’ and the natives believe that celebrating the festival will keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the evils of the world.

Dates/Time to visit - July
Temperature - 24-33 Degree Celcius

If you love to spend time with your friends and family during Thanksgiving, the best time to visit Cherrapunji is during the Wangala Festival.

Dates/Time to visit - November
Temperature -  22-29 Degree Celcius

The Strawberry Festival takes place every year to celebrate and promote farmers and food produced from the fruit. Meghalaya has a conducive climate allowing the growth of the fruit. The hamlet’s language of love is not expressed with roses, but lush and sweet strawberries on Valentine’s Day.

Dates/Time to visit - 14th February
Temperature - 22-29 Degree Celcius

If you are planning a visit to Cherrapunji, best time to visit is during the winters that mark the beginning of holidays and festivities. This high-demand season attracts tourists from different parts of the country. The misty mornings and breezy weather give you yet another reason to escape into merriment and create beautiful memories with your friends and family.

Dates/Time to visit -  24th and 25th December
Temperature -  4-16 Degree Celcius

The events that take place in Meghalaya do not just end with a countdown to the new year. There are several events taking place in resorts and restaurants.

Dates/Time to visit - 31st December and 1st January
Temperature - 4-16 Degree Celcius