Spa at Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji


Tattva, our spa in Cherrapunji, invites you to experience the rich mystic fusion of ancient Indian philosophy with the latest contemporary wellness methods. Our specialized spa therapies are based on the balance of five universal elements: Prithvi (Earth), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), and Aakash (Sky).
Our holistic mission is to give you idyllic moments of relaxation and replenishment in our well-designed, serene ambiance. Transform and heal yourself with our comprehensive therapies at our Cherrapunji spa, ranging from select Indian and international massages, express therapies and beauty elixirs, to our traditional spa baths with salt therapy and signature spa rituals.

Tattva at Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji is a haven of relaxation and restoration.
Visit us and de-stress yourself instantly with the help of our treatments.



DEEP SLEEP                 120 minutes | INR 6899  
Hours hunched over a computer, seated in meetings, or crammed into an airplane seat leads to stress & strain in the lower back, shoulders, neck, hands, and eyes. This spa session is your much-needed stress buster.
Includes: Deep tissue massage (60 min)  | Indian head massage (30 min) Legfatigue reliever (30 min)  
NOURISH                     120 minutes | INR 6899
Give in to two hours of nourishment for your mind, body, and soul. Tattva healer will begin with a deep tissue massage for your tired muscles that uses thumb pressures and deep pressures for lowed by a revitalizing spa facial therapy to detoxify and enliven your facial skin. Be nourished.
Includes: Choice of Swedish or Deep tissue massage (60 min) | Shine facial (60 min)
BLISS (COUPLE SPA)        90 minutes each | INR 11299
Our therapists treat you like royalty in a tranquil natural setting and lead you and your love to a state of bliss with the perfect combination of our luxurious therapies of rejuvenation.
Includes: Choice of full-body Swedish or Deep tissue &Abhyanga massage (90 min)
SERENITY (COUPLE SPA)       120 minutes each | INR 13299
Luxuriate in the candlelight of the couple's-treatment suite as you both relax and rejuvenate. Why wait for an anniversary to celebrate togetherness?
Includes: Choice of full-body Swedish or Deep tissue massage (60 min) |Shinefacial (60 min) *Taxes Extra
REPLENISH                 135 minutes | INR 9499
You are initiated into a journey to reconnect with your inner self through traditional Indian massage, followed by a floral body polisher and ending with an energizing clay wrap. A truly rejuvenating experience that balances your body, mind, and spirit.
Includes: Abhyanga massage (60 min) | Floral mist body polisher (45 min) | Prithvi Wrap (30 min)
UNWIND-REWIND          300 minutes | INR 16999
Avail of any 5 massages of 60 minutes each over 15days.* (Choice of Swedish, Deep tissue &Abhyangs massage) *Valid for 15 days only. Promotional offers are not applicable on spa sojourns packagesi*Taxes Extra


SWEDISH MASSAGE         60 minutes | INR 4999
90 minutes | INR 7499
A medium pressure body massage, which uses one of the most effective proven massage techniques. The masseur will use various traditional, long kneading strokes to energize your body. The Swedish massage targets tired muscles and enhance blood circulation.
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                                                60 minutes | INR 4999
90 minutes | INR 7499
Feel all your tension melt away as this therapy helps reduce adhesions & loosens muscles. Highly customized for your needs, our masseur will focus on relieving muscle tension & pain from your tired body.
INDIAN ABHYANGA                                                         60 minutes | INR 4999
90 minutes | INR 7499
In this traditional Indian technique, your body is massaged with the finest herbal oils inspired by ancient Indian Ayurveda. This helps reduce the knots in your muscles and overall body fatigue. Sit back and let our healers bring time-honored healing arts back to life by relaxing your mind and body.
JETLAG RECOVERY         90 minutes | INR 7599
The ideal massage to banish the dehydration, fatigue, and sluggishness associated with jetlag. These movements are designed to stimulate and invigorate you. Surrender your weary self to our expert healers to leave you feeling renewed.
'Taxes Extra
POTALI MASSAGE            75 minutes | INR 5999
Our unique therapy is based on the Ayurvedic principles of therapeutic application of warmth. The body is massaged with linen potalis stuffed with essential herbs and oils. resulting in relaxation and detoxification. This also helps with harmonizing the chi.
This is a signature wellness serviceatTaftva, Incorporating yoga stretches along with a massage. This unique technique involves dry and oil-based massage. eases muscle tension and energizes the body with acupressure movements and stretching. The deep pressure applied during this massage works effectively on muscles and balances the energy levels of the body.


FLORAL MIST (BODY POLISHER)          45 minutes | INR 4499
Tattva brings to you a misty fusion of aromatic oils - including pa lash, saffron, and special floral extracts from the Himalayan valley. The gentle exfoliating polisher evens out the skin tone, leaving your skin soft and supple and giving you that dewy glow.
KALP VRIKSHA (BODY SCRUB)                                                45 minutes | INR 4499
Kalp vriksha is an exceptional coconut-based herbal body scrub that helps hydrate your body and gives you an everlasting effect. This exceptional body tonic cleanses and hydrates the uneven and patchy skin from within.
PRITHVI (EARTH'S NECTAR - BODY WRAP)                                                         30 minutes | INR 2499
This rich, detoxifying, and firming wrap draws its goodness from exotic Indian herbs and clay. Its therapeutic properties drain out the toxins tighten the skin and leave it with a radiant, youthful glow. Good for all skin types. Recommended with massage or scrub.
A luxurious creamy treatment that leaves your skin soft and supple, this aromatic mixture provides essential hydration and conditions damaged skin, leaving your body with a delicate sweet fragrance.
*Taxes Extra
CLEANSING FACIAL             30 minutes | INR 2499
A simple yet effective deep cleansing treatment that helps exfoliate dead skin and blackheads and unclog pores. This treatment refines skin clarity and reduces acne blemishes to leave you with fresh skin that breathes and glows.
With Tattva's Shine facial treatment, indulge your skin with a vivacious experience.Tattva's gentle facial massage. With well-crafted, detoxifying ingredients, revitalizes the skin-Cells, rehabilitating the natural texture of your skin. Dofftjust glow, get your shine back.
Tattva's professional facial for mature or neglected skin infuses the skin with scientific ingredients proven to slow the aging process, help repair damages, and restores freshness back into your skin. The result? Younger-looking radiant skin.
This facial offers deep hydration & nourishment to your skin. It improves skin elasticity and boosts natural skin cell regeneration thereby giving you that flawless smooth skin. 'Taxes Extra


The antioxidant &skin smoothening properties of pure white mulberry enriched facial peel-off mask is a perfect quick fix for your skin. This whitening &firming marlne algae mask, gives a cool, & firm feel to the skin while lightening the skin and delivering a uniform glow across leaving you with a smooth, fresh, youthful & radiant skin.
This Green Tea Tree peel-off mask is rich in anti-oxidants, and anti-fungal ingredients that encourage healing and rejuvenation of the skin. It gives a natural glow to tired, dull skin &soothes inflamed, acne-prone skin by balancing excessive oil production. Get that natural glow back!
A deep cleansing mask that helps to detoxify & purify the skin, activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out the most deeply-rooted impurities, unblocking the clogged pores while naturally-derived ingredients calendula and rosemary help to rebalance and restore a glowing complexion.
"Taxes Extra


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE      30 minutes | INR 1999
This invigorating therapy helps restore the natge, which uses one of the most effective proven massage techniques. The masseur will use various traditional, lonound senses of joy and relaxation.
LEG FATIGUE RELIEVER 30 minutes | INR 1999
Based on ancient eastern techniques, which uses one of the most effective proven massage techniques. The masseur will use various traditional, one the body and eases swollen legs and ankles, using a hand-picked combination of soothing natural oils.
Originating from the island of Bali, tge, which uses one of the most effective proven massage techniques. The masseur will use various traditional, lonn aromatic oils during the massage to calm the nervous system, making this a serene experience indeed.
"Taxes Extra
TRAVEL ENERGIZER30 minutes | INR 1999
The perfect combination of a foot massage, which uses one of the most effective proven massage techniques. The masseur will use various traditional, one eastern technique of reflexology followed by a de-stressing massage of the upper back, neck, and shoulders is a soothing experience that relaxes you.
"Taxes Extra