Dainthlen Falls, Cherrapunji

Prepare yourselves for a trip into Meghalaya's heart, where nature and ancient stories collide. Let's dive into the enchanting vibes of Dainthlen Falls, a jaw-dropping waterfall that spins tales of a legendary serpent. But, before we get into the beauty of it, let's uncover the legendary Dainthlen Falls story.

The giant serpent, U Thlen, known for being a real troublemaker, was every villager's dread, lurking in the vicinity of the falls. Its ominous presence cast a shadow of fear over the local Khasi tribes, who endured a perpetual sense of dread in the creature's wake. Determined to reclaim their peaceful existence, a group of brave villagers devised a daring plan, armed with guts and sharp tools, they faced off with U Thlen in a heroic showdown in the Cherrapunji hills.

tribal dance performance
A cobra in a stance somewhere in the jungle

After a fierce struggle, the villagers emerged victorious, striking the serpent down with a mighty blow. To prevent any sort of comeback, they meticulously chopped the serpent's body into pieces, scattering them across the landscape. And so, the name 'Dainthlen' was born, meaning 'the place where U Thlen was cut.

Now, let us transition to the present, where Dainthlen Falls stands as a testament to the villagers' bravery and a symbol of their enduring spirit. Towering at an impressive height of 80 m, the waterfall is a sight to see, crafting a spectacle that captivates onlookers. When the monsoon rains kick in, the waterfall is heavier with peaceful sounds of it gushing down the rocks, creating what we call a nature's playlist. And the air? It's like a constant refreshing mist, making you feel zen and peaceful.

a picnic basket laying on the ground beside a waterfall
a guest in the pool - Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji

Stand there, soak it all in, and let your eyes wander across the greenery that wraps around the falls. Nature's artistry at its finest, and you're right in the middle of it. Time to get lost in the magic of Dainthlen Waterfall – where stories of serpents meet the roar of water, and it's all just epic.

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