A Trip to Krem Mawmluh Cave, Cherrapunji

One of the most stunning cities in Meghalaya, Cherrapunji is known for having the highest precipitation levels. The city is home to several majestic caves, waterfalls and paramount views of hills and lush greenery. There are several places that popularise Cherrapunji, and one such is Krem Mawmluh cave.

Meghalaya offers some thrilling caving adventures across the state. Krem Mawmluh Cave, Cherrapunji is the fourth-longest cave in the Indian subcontinent. In 1844, Lt. Yule became the first British subject to explore Krem Mawmluh. The cave runs 7 km in length and is almost 10 feet above sea level. Inside the cave, one can find stalagmite structures and other rock formations that are known for their beauty. Around 4,200 years ago, the cave was used to document a 200-year drought that occurred just following the Ice Age.

If you are an adventure seeker, then this landmark is definitely for you! As you step inside the cave, you will be wading through water. Most parts of the cave are extremely slippery, and especially during monsoon, the floor is almost submerged in water. Wading through the knee-deep water, you can feel the rush of adrenaline flowing through your body. 

The inside of the cave is relatively dark with just a quarter of it being lit by the sun. Amid the dark, there are parts where the cave suddenly dives deeper, requiring you to crawl around the edges. In between, there are massive caverns and calcite formations all around. There are certain spots where you have to squeeze yourself through the gaps and others that might require a short climb.

Light entering through holes of a cave
inside of a dark cave 2

If you are a fan of history or archaeology, Krem Mawmluh is the best place for you to explore. The complete journey takes about 3-3.5 hours. If you are planning to visit the caves, it is suggested you hire a local guide from the city. It is also advisable to wear a helmet and proper boots as well as carry water inside.

Krem Mawmluh, Cherrapunji will leave an exhilarating memory that you will carry with you for a long time. The surrounding greenery and natural beauty of the cave are quite photogenic, rendering brilliant pictures. So come visit the cave on your trip to Cherrapunji!

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