The Best Time to Visit Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji, a treasure secluded in the heart of Meghalaya, is a high-altitude town that bursts with life and vivacity. Here is a place that has been sheltered from the grasp of rapid modernity, a place that stays true to its spirit and beliefs. And this is exactly what entices travellers from far and beyond - to trek to this dainty town in the ‘Abode of Clouds’.

If you were to ask the locals if there’s an ideal time to visit Cherrapunji, then the answer is that every time is the ideal time! Because every season shows you a different face of this beautiful hill town, and every spell has something unique to offer.

Summertime in Cherrapunjee is perhaps the most pleasant time for a stay here. With intermittent showers of rain to energize and stimulate you, the temperature stays within the 13-23 degrees range, providing the best possible climate to scout the areas, move around freely and enjoy your time at leisure, all without breaking a sweat (pun intended)! Bear in mind that the streams and waterfalls may begin to dry up slightly and trickle out by the end of Summer, but there is plenty more to witness like the local festival of Shad Suk Mynsiem or ‘Dance of Happy Hearts’, celebrated by the ethnic Khasi people in April for a wholesome experience.

Cherrapunji Monsoon is characterised by misty weather and constant showers. The usual temperature range settles around 12-16 degrees. So, if cosying up by a fire, with a book in your hand a hot cup of cocoa is your idea of a perfect holiday, then Cherrapunji is literally the best place for pluviophiles and nature lovers. You can witness the verdant hues of the hillocks, hear the steady spattering of rain on the windows and hear the gurgle of the streams rushing toward a magical waterfall. Paradise if there ever was one!

If you are more of an outdoorsy person who likes to explore in peace, then winter in Cherrapunji is your domain! The climate is pleasant, the waterfalls are roaring, the birds that had cooped up during the showers are out and flitting about, nature is lively, welcoming and beaming. The minimal amount of rainfall that arrives to surprise, and the cool temperatures of 5-15 degrees ensure that you can capture the beauty of this utopia in all its essence!Now that you can’t resist a visit to this heaven on Earth, it is just practical to mention the best place to stay in Cherrapunji. Whether it be summer, winter or monsoon, a stay at Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji is the secret ingredient that you were missing from the puzzle to make this a complete journey!

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