The Taste of Jabalpur: A Through-train of Famous Foods

Indulge your taste buds in the culinary delights of Jabalpur, a city brimming with savoury street snacks and delectable sweet treats. From the crispy crunch of Dahi Fulki to the comforting warmth of Dal Bafla, embark on a gastronomic journey through the flavours of Madhya Pradesh. Join us as we explore the tantalising world of Jabalpur's food scene, where every bite is a delightful adventure waiting to be savoured.

Care for a Snack? 

  • Dahi Fulki: Start by snacking on something light, crunchy and flavourful. If Golgappas with a filling of black chickpeas, potatoes, green chutney and curd calls out to you snack on the deliciousness known as Dahi Fulki; a popular street food of the region. 
  • Moong Dal Pakoda: Delicious fritters made with green gram and vegetable stuffing tastes heavenly when combined with a cup of chai. This snack is savoured by everyone in the city on rainy evenings but do not be discouraged if there is no rain during your visit; it will taste just as perfect. It is also common to have this delicious protein-packed snack with a meal as an appetizer to try it out. 
  • Bhutte Ka Kees: Sweet tender corn is grated and then mixed with spices to make the perfect winter snack. Drizzled with a generous amount of lime juice Bhutte ka kees enjoyed by all ages. Since it is a heavy snack do fill up your stomach on the go with this dish; it is guaranteed to keep you warm and full while you follow your itinerary throughout the day. 

A plate of stuffed snacks garnished with herbs and spices, served with a side of sauce on a wooden table.
A plate of yellow rice with vegetables on a patterned tablecloth beside a black pan.

Fill up Your Stomach to the Brim

  • Poha and Jalebi: In Jabalpur, famous food list would never be complete without the inclusion of infamous poha. Made with flattened rice, potatoes, nuts and spices Madhya Pradesh offers the perfect plate of poha. Popularly eaten for breakfast this dish keeps you fuelled up for a long time as you go about visiting the tourist sites. Have it with a side of jalebi, a sweet, syrupy, and crunchy sweet to complete the meal. 
  • Dal Bafla: A unique dish featuring baked wheat dumplings with a side of spicy and zesty dal or lentils can be defined as a satiating lunch. It is a comforting dish many enjoy with a generous smearing of ghee above. Several restaurants offer this dish in Jabalpur so do not hesitate to try it out. 

A Sweet Treat

  • Mawa Bati: Mawa Bati is made out of milk solids that melt in your mouth. At a glance it resembles a gulab jamun but do not be fooled for one bite into the sweet infused with saffron milk is set to remain on your taste buds; making you crave more. 
  • Khoprapak: In Jabalpur, the famous sweet dishes are indeed noteworthy. This dense sweet made out of grated coconut, milk, sugar and nuts is a beautiful treat to savour. 
  • Malpua: Malpua is a heavenly dish made out of semolina dough fried in ghee that is then dipped into sugar syrup flavoured with spices such as cardamom powder and saffron. It is also topped with dry fruits, hence it is a heavy sweet dish that you should not miss out on your visit to Jabalpur. 


Three spoons on a dark surface, one with green herbs, one with white salt, and one with red spice.

Jabalpur is a treasure cove for foodies, enriched with culinary. It is also a haven for anyone with a sweet tooth and demands to be explored for those seeking out new sweets to savour. Located within a 100 m radius of the Jabalpur Junction Railway Station, Hotel Polo Max, Jabalpur offers delectable dishes for a fine dining experience. It is a bonus for Bollywood junkies since their restaurant Mumbai Masala combines Bollywood with a craze for multi-cuisne delicacies and signature mocktails.

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