Prayagraj, the spiritual city nested by the bank of Ganges and Yamuna, has stories stored in its lanes and different delicacies. From bustling street-side delights to age-old delicacies, the city offers a plethora of flavors for both locals and tourists. In this blog, we delve into the famous foods of Prayagraj and some hidden culinary gems that define the true essence of the city.

 Breakfast Delights 


Kickstart your morning with the famous staple of Prayagraj- Bedai and Jalebis. Deep-fried crispy and puffy bread served with a bowl of tangy and spicy potato curry paired with sweet jalebis is all you need to begin your culinary expedition. Next on the list is the comfort food of every North Indian, Chole Bathure. Soft fluffy bhature served with spicy chickpea curry will surely make your heart happy.

A image of a bowl of the iconic chola masala from North India
a image of a man making the iconic chat of Prayagraj

Prayagraj's Chat Galore


The streets of this vibrant city are incomplete without the aroma of chaats. From the tangy aloo tikki chats to the spicy papdi chats is served with combinations of chutney, yoghurt, and a wide range of toppings. The streets here are filled with a variety of options that leave you yearning for more. Refrain from packing it home because the real taste lies in the hot samosa and kachories with different tangy chutneys. Among all the famous food in Allahabad, the chaats here are one of the true representations of the vibrancy and culture of Prayagraj.



The creamy lassi of Prayagraj must be at the top of your must-have list. Made with fresh yoghurt and churned till the cream forms a froth. This drink is served with various sweet and fragrant flavourings. It is generally served in clay cups to enhance the earthy taste and retain the uniqueness of the drink.

a closeup shot of lassi served in earthen cups
a shot of the famous pethas of Prayagraj



Originally from Agra, Petha has paved its way to the hearts of every resident of Prayagraj. So once you are in the city, add this translucent sugary sweet made from ash ground, khoya, sugar, and flavoured with cardamon, to your foods of Prayagra list. This melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat is a perfect way to finish any meal. You can also find these pethas in different flavours like saffron, chocolate, and pistachio.

Jalebi and Rabri


Prayagraj offers a heavenly combination of hot jalebis and creamy rabri for all sweet lovers. For anyone visiting this city, it's a must-try dessert item. The crispy texture of the hot and sweet jalebi dipped in the sweet creamy rabri and garnished with nuts and saffron, will surely give you a sugar rush.

a image of a plate of sweet and crispy jalebis.
a picture of a basket filled with paan leaves

Benarasi Paan

If you are in Prayagraj and have not tried the Banarasi paan then you are missing out on the best part of your food pilgrim. This cherished tradition is more than a mouth freshener, combined in betel leaf with areca nut and aromatic sweeteners and spices. Prayagraj’s paan often incorporates local ingredients and flavor which sets it apart from the rest of the country’s paan.

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