A weekend getaway: 2 day itinerary for Cherrapunji

Misty valleys, plunging waterfalls, serene rivers, fluffy clouds & amidst all these is situated the Northeastern town of Cherrapunji, more commonly known as Sohra. The lush green surroundings, the sound of the waterfalls & the crisp mountain breeze makes a trip to Cherrapunji feel rejuvenating.


Cherrapunji is known for its unique climate, untouched forests, adventurous trails & its overall natural beauty. A trip to Cherrapunji is all you need to refresh your senses with a rush of adrenaline & spending time amidst the beauty of nature, as you explore the things to do & places to see. Sohra is home to many a tourist attraction – from neighbourhood villages to waterfalls & caves to stunning cliffs, sightseeing at Cherrapunji is nothing less than a visual treat!


Here’s our ideal 2 day weekend itinerary for Cherrapunji 


Day 1:


Wake up rejuvenated at Polo Orchid Resort, for a day of sight-seeing & adventure. After an early breakfast head out for the day!


First stop: Mawsmai Caves – At a distance of 2.2 kilometers, which is a 6 minutes’ drive – sightseeing at Cherrapunji is almost incomplete without visiting the naturally lit Mawsmai Caves, which are bound to leave you awestruck!


Next stop: NohKaliKai Falls– Located at a distance of 10.7 kilometers from the caves, it is only a 26 minutes’ drive. Among many of the places to see in Cherra, the NohKaliKai Falls is one of the most photogenic spots.


Stop for a quick bite & enjoy some local delicacies before heading to your next destination, if you’re still feeling energetic enough for the last bit of exploration for the day.


Final stop: Arwah Caves – The beautiful cave is a sight to behold! A 17 minutes’ drive from the falls, 5.8 kilometers away – you can also take a free guided tour to explore the caves’ interiors & its surroundings.


Head back to the resort for a relaxed evening, with the views of the setting sun & the Seven Sisters falls as you enjoy a warm cup of tea.


Day 2:


Get an early start to the day & head out for another day of adventures post a hearty breakfast.


First stop: Living Root Bridge – The double-decker living root bridge, is a famous & the most challenging trekking spot & tops the list of things to do at Sohra. Located at a distance of 16.6 kilometers, a 50 minutes’ drive, while en route you can come across multiple sightseeing spots.


Next stop: Wei Sawdong Falls – At a distance of 24.1 kilometers, enjoy a long 1 hour, 10 minutes’ drive to the falls after an exhilarating trek. A great place to tick off on your weekend itinerary – this spot is not as popular among tourists, making it a peaceful place to sit & enjoy the view.


After a few hours of exploring & trekking, stop for a meal before moving toward your last stop for the day.


Final stop: Dainthlen Falls – A trip to Cherrapunji entails numerous stops at spectacular waterfalls, one of which includes the Dainthlen Falls – an offbeat destination, where you can enjoy views of the valley. Located at a short distance of 1.6 kilometers, only a 5 minutes’ drive.


Drive back to Polo Orchid Resort to unwind with a spa treatment after a long day, or enjoy a meal by the infinity pool


If you are feeling energetic & have some extra time in hand you could also visit the following spots:

  • Seven Sisters Fall
  • Dawki River
  • First Presbyterian Church
A 2 day itinerary for Cherrapunji is one filled with adventure & breath-taking views. Plan your next getaway to Sohra to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the place!


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