Tips & tricks for first time hikers in Cherrapunji

Hiking is a fun adventurous outdoor sport. It gives one an adrenaline rush through the scent of nature, the sound of a babbling creek, and the walk on fresh earth. It feels even more appealing when you get to have your first hike on the unseen & unexplored hills of Cherrapunji. The steep mountains & chilled weather of Cherrapunji make it a perfect destination for hikers. Here are some tips for hikers in Cherrapunji:

1. First and foremost, you need to have the right hiking essentials required for your hiking trip, which include - a navigation tool, adequate water, safety items, a first-aid kit, food, clothing, multi-purpose kit, toiletries, backpack, trash bag, hiking gear, etc. All these items are requirements, but make sure to pack light, during the hike.

2. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, warmers & sporty shoes or hiking boots would be better. It is very necessary to keep yourself fit & pleasant in order to enjoy the hiking experience.

3. Plan your hiking trip in advance with these – locate your trail, note the time & distance to be covered, ensure your fitness matches the distance of the hike, weather forecast in check, and characteristics of the mountain trail.

4. Hike with a companion or a group for any assistance and a lot more fun.

Hiking is also beneficial for your health. It is considered a low-impact workout and reduces stress & anxiety. Get away from the hustle-bustle of the city & experience the freshness of hiking.

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