Thangkharang Park and Ka Khoh Ramhah, Cherrapunji

The misty, rain-cloud-engulfed environs of Cherrapunji enchants every mountain lover. The delightful prickling of cold fog on your skin, perennial smell of the rain-soaked earth and ethereal views of trees washed in shades of green tie together making Cherrapunji perfect in every way!

There are many tourist places in this charming hill town, Thangkharang Park, Cherrapunji being one of them. Located about 10 km away from Cherrapunji’s town centre, Thangkharang Park is popular for its enchanting setting and views. Maintained by the State Forest Department, this beautiful park is mist clad to perfection most of the time. Within its premises is a beautiful fountain, an area for children to play and a greenhouse with a variety of plants and trees native to the region. There is a small bridge that leads to another section of the park with stunning views of the valley, the Bangladeshi plains and the cascading Kynrem Falls.

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A short trek from Thangkharang Park will lead you to Ka Khoh Ramhah, Cherrapunji, a giant natural rock formation offering impressive views of the mountains that surround as well as sights of the plains of Bangladesh, on a clear day. It is mostly known for its beautiful cone-shaped structure and the two smaller boulders that lie on its sides. The rock is surrounded by gushing streams of water that cascade down as a waterfall. The clouds floating above Ka Khoh Ramhah on a chilly day is a sight to behold!

The serpentine roads, skirted by mountains, lead to these stunning places in Cherrapunji’s outskirts and proffer a delightful drive that most travellers would enjoy. The lush hills of Cherrapunji are adorned by waterfalls that roar and plunge their way into streams. This, combined with the sounds of the wind howling through hollow bamboo trees, fill the air with a certain je ne sais quoi, deeply connecting you with nature.

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