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Dylan Cafe is one of the prettiest Cafe I came across when I visited Shillong giving the most beautiful views. It pays homage to the legend Bob Dylan and Lou Majaw whose adulation of Bob Dylan has popularised his music in a big way in India and specifically in Shillong.

The Cafe has the interiors done in the most aesthetic ways which majorly drew my attention. Graffiti on the ceilings, music discs hanging from it and all waste materials used to make the portrait of Bob Dylan. Installations on the walls also just make it picture perfect.

Amazingly done and perfect location just makes it super nice to sit and munch on a few things listening to classical music. I treated myself to finger licking French fries and Nachos along with brownie ice cream as I was in a rush to leave and just had to visit this place for its amazing story of love locks.

Timing: 9:30 am to 11:30 pm

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The tradition of Love Locks started in Paris on the Pont Des Arts Bridge where lovers locked their love and threw the keys into the river. Since then the love locks have appeared in different cities across the world.
Dylan’s Cafe has brought this tradition to Shillong. You can bring your own lock or buy one from them itself, write your and your loved one's initials on the lock and leave it locked on their balcony. They collect the keys and eventually send them to Paris to be immersed in the River Seine. Isn’t that so cool!!

You can leave a lock for anyone you love from your better half to your best friend or even your pet (that’s my case) and let those keys visit Paris until you aren’t able to.

I found this as the most amazing places that are a must visit if you are coming to Shillong, you will be amazed by how beautifully this cafe has been made. The truth is that you will really like good bacon, burgers and club sandwiches. Here people can delve deep into delicious meals, and try tasty chocolate marshmallows, cupcakes and brownies. Get your meal started with delicious beer or good cider. It's a must when visiting this cafe to drink great hot chocolate, latte or ice tea.

Dylan's Cafe is famous for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. From the guests' point of view, prices are attractive. The divine decor and peaceful ambiance let clients feel relaxed here.
Dylan's Cafe in Shillong - the music capital of India - this cafe pays homage to the Legend Bob Dylan. A pretty sweet place to spend a cosy time with good coffee, great food and a lovely ambience. One of the bestt places in Shillong. The stair leading up to the cafe is lined with vinyle records and the interior has Dylan pictures. The unique thing is.. you can paint the blocks on the ceiling! which makes it more colourful and lively. You would be lucky to hear a jamming session with the local musicians.

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A cafe in Shillong pays homage to the great singer-songwriter, a local hero in this music-mad city.

On an evening stroll along the hilly roads of Shillong, in India’s north-eastern state of Meghalaya, I came across a sign for Dylan’s Cafe. Given Shillong’s reputation as the rock music capital of India, I was not really surprised.

The cafe is on the upper level of a house in a narrow lane. Part of the staircase is lined with vinyl records, while rare framed posters of the musician greet visitors from the wall.

Set up just over a year ago, this cafe is a homage to the man in every imaginable manner: cushion covers have his face on them, and there is themed merchandise, poetry readings and live music nights.
Customers are encouraged to paint their own tribute to Dylan on bare white square tiles that stand on an easel at one end. The tile then goes up on the ceiling as part of a large collage.

The theme was a natural choice: Shillong is Dylan-mad, holding celebratory concerts each year on his birthday; and 69-year-old musician Lou Majaw is a living local legend thanks to his renditions of Dylan’s songs.
The eclectic menu features comfort food from across the world, from Manchow soup to fiery hot chicken wings and all-American pancakes. Diehard fans can tuck into Bob’s Burger and let Dylan’s gravelly voice, constantly ringing out from the speakers, soothe their soul.

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