Hotel Near Prinsep Ghat


Prinsep Ghat on the Hooghly River is a must-visit historical location in Kolkata. Watch mesmerising sunsets from the banks of Hooghly River at Prinsep Ghat while having other spots like the Victoria Memorial, and Fort William only a short walk away; so you can always wander towards this ghat after visiting these iconic historical sites.  Prinsep Ghat was named so as a tribute to a scholar and is historically significant because it served as a landing point for important visitors coming to Calcutta. One of the visitors was the Prince of Wales who visited Calcutta during the colonial era in 1875. The ghat is famous for having served as an entry point for several other members of the British royal family later on. Today, Prinsep Ghat or James Prinsep monument serves as a spot for recreation where people go to enjoy scenic strolls by the river or boat rides, especially during sunsets. 

Why Stay Near Prinsep Ghat? 

The best way to enjoy the charm of Kolkata is to choose a location that offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy the tranquil nature of Kolkata by the ghat, historical tours of monuments like Victoria Memorial and the vibrant food street food scene of Kolkata by choosing a hotel near Prinsep Ghat. This location also acts as a gateway to all the sightseeing spots in Kolkata along with access to shopping areas and the rich nightlife that Kolkata has to offer. 

view of Howrah Bridge during daytime
bridge across the river with engineered structure

Accommodation Near Prinsep Ghat


If you are looking for a hotel near Prinsep Ghat that offers a unique experience then look further than Polo Floatel; located only 2 km from the ghat. This is a luxurious floating hotel in Kolkata that offers world-class amenities with breathtaking views of the Hooghly River which has been renovated recently. Imagine waking up to the views of the river Ganges from your cabin; as a whole day of exploring Kolkata lies ahead of you. This luxurious floating hotel goes beyond just providing a comfortable stay, there are several exciting experiences and activities that this hotel offers such as unforgettable boat rides and engaging city tours that will help you look at Kolkata with a deeper insight and from a different angle.