The Perfect Hotel Near Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata: Polo Floatel


Polo Floatel is an exquisite hotel situated less than a kilometre from the iconic Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium in Kolkata. Nestled in Hooghly River, this floating hotel offers not only proximity to the cricketing action but also unrivalled views of the majestic Howrah Bridge, making it the ideal retreat for cricket enthusiasts and travellers alike.

Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium: A Cricketing Cathedral

Eden Gardens, situated in the heart of Kolkata, stands as one of the most iconic cricket stadiums globally, steeped in history and passion. Hosting its first match in 1864, this colossal venue has witnessed legendary moments that resonate with the spirit of cricket. With a seating capacity exceeding 66,000, Eden Gardens pulsates with the energy of fervent cricket enthusiasts during matches, creating an atmosphere unparalleled in the cricketing world. For cricket aficionados and sports lovers alike, Eden Gardens is not merely a stadium; it is a revered pilgrimage, a symbol of Kolkata's unwavering love for the sport. Eden Gardens is also the home stadium for Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL.

Empty seats in Eden Gardens cricket stadium with blue sky in the background
aerial view of the parking space with the sea on the other side - Polo Floatel Kolkata

The Ultimate Stay for Cricket Enthusiasts

For cricket aficionados attending matches at Eden Gardens, Polo Floatel stands out as the ideal accommodation. Its strategic location of less than a kilometre ensures easy access to the stadium, allowing guests to seamlessly immerse themselves in the cricketing excitement. The hotel provides complimentary parking, relieving guests of any concerns about their vehicles. Also, convenient transportation from the hotel to the stadium is readily accessible for those who opt for it. After the match, return to the comfort of Polo Floatel to relax, relish exquisite cuisine and savour the breathtaking views of Kolkata.

A Unique Riverside Oasis

Polo Floatel offers a distinctive hospitality experience. Resting on Hooghly River, the hotel boasts six room categories, each elegantly designed for a luxurious stay. The highlight is the stunning view of Howrah Bridge, providing guests with an unforgettable backdrop to their Kolkata experience.

view of the facade of Polo Floatel and the river Hoogly - Polo Floatel Kolkata
the seating area at the deck outside - Polo Floatel Kolkata

Dining Delights and Rooftop Views

Our hotel near Eden Garden Kolkata, is a gastronomic delight with two dining options, including rooftop seating that offers panoramic views of the vibrant city. Enjoy a sumptuous meal while soaking in the atmosphere of Kolkata's skyline, making your dining experience as memorable as the cricket matches at Eden Gardens.

Experiences Beyond the Ordinary

To enhance your stay, Polo Floatel offers unique experiences like a boat ride on Hooghly River, allowing you to explore the city from a different perspective. For a romantic touch, indulge in a Candle Light dinner by the river or opt for an enchanting dinner under the stars. These experiences add an extra layer of charm to your visit, making it truly exceptional.

a couple embracing each other amidst candles looking at the sun set

Polo Floatel is a riverside retreat that combines luxury, convenience and unmatched views. Whether you're here for the cricketing action at Eden Gardens or to explore the charm of Kolkata, Polo Floatel promises an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Book your stay and elevate your visit to Kolkata with the perfect blend of comfort and spectacle at Polo Floatel.