Hotel in Shillong Near Police Bazar

the exterior facade of Polo Towers hotel in Shillong  6 - the best hotel in Shillong near Police Bazar

If you're planning a visit to the charming capital city of Meghalaya and looking for a good hotel near Shillong Police Bazar, you're in for a treat. Hotel Polo Towers Shillong is not only one of the finest hotels in Shillong but is also conveniently located near Police Bazar, making it an excellent choice for travellers.

Hotel Polo Towers Shillong - The Best Hotel Near Shillong Police Bazar

Hotel Polo Towers Shillong is renowned as the best hotel in Shillong near Police Bazar, consistently upholding this reputation over the past decade. Often affectionately referred to as the "Shillong Icon", this establishment offers a range of premium accommodations, including Premier Rooms, Boutique Rooms, Executive Suites and Presidential Suites. Each room is spacious and well-appointed, featuring modern amenities such as a separate living room, air-conditioning, high-speed Wi-Fi and in-room safes, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious stay for guests. In addition to the luxurious accommodations, guests at our hotel near Shillong Police Bazar can start their day with a lavish breakfast buffet, adding to their visit's overall comfort and convenience.

Shillong Police Bazar - A Shopper's Paradise and Tourist Hub

Shillong Police Bazar, the central and bustling market of the city, is a famous and iconic spot for both locals and tourists alike. This lively marketplace offers an extensive range of shopping options, from traditional Meghalaya handicrafts and local clothing to jewellery and electronics. It's an ideal place for visitors to shop for souvenirs and immerse themselves in the local culture. 
Beyond shopping, Police Bazar is also a culinary and entertainment hub. It boasts numerous restaurants, cafes and street food stalls that serve a variety of local and multi-cuisine dishes. In the evenings, the area comes alive with its vibrant nightlife, featuring clubs, bars and entertainment venues.

Whether you're a business traveller looking for convenience or a tourist eager to explore Shillong, staying at Hotel Polo Towers Shillong ensures you're at the heart of all the action. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, delectable dining options, top-notch facilities and easy access to the city's most popular market by choosing the best hotel in Shillong near Police Bazar.