Bird watching

Bird watching is an incredible option when you visit Cherrapunji. Find out more about different breeds of birds and enjoy viewing flocks of rare species around you. Spot the black-breasted Parrotbill Black Storks and Asian Openbills here. Have a wonderful time exploring these birds and staying amidst nature while you appreciate its beauty.?


Mountain biking is always an exciting journey. Cherrapunji is perfect for carrying out cycling tours during the few months when it rains on a lesser scale here. The topography is rugged and the mountains can pose quiet a challenge to pro-bikers but it is none the less a truly thrilling experience.


Indulge in a thrilling experience of zip-lining across the valleys of Cherrapunji. Superior equipment helps you glide through the outdoor setup and view the scenic wonders of Cherrapunji. An adventure activity for a great adrenaline rush, zip-lining is a recreational activity where you travel through tight ropes taking you from one end to another.?

Trek to living root bridge

Cherrapunji is filled with trekking trails. The beautiful scenery around, makes it a wonderful sport to try out while you are here. The trek to the Living Root Bridge takes a duration of about 3 to 4 hours. Steep steps take you downhill towards the village of Nongriat. A jungle trail travels through the sides of the hill which ultimately takes you to the Living Root Bridge.